Thursday, August 7, 2008

Apolitical Middle Class is the Reason for Rouge Rulers in Pakistan

Apolitical middle class of Pakistan lives in its own shell, overly engrossed with consumerism and material possession.

Do not love reading & following political state of affairs that affects our lives, live in complete apathy, enjoy complaining & love to be judgmental.

Consciousness in Indian middle class drives forward the Indian nation, but it lacks in Pakistani middle class. Middle class is called the engine of change; it was middle class that toppled the old French Dynasty, caused American Revolution and Meiji Revolution in Japan.

There may be various reasons behind the middle class apathy in Pakistan, one may argue.

One thing Indians have learned, “if you do not force the mess at home to be cleaned, there would be no respite, respect and success abroad”.

Living in apathy, apolitical life fused with consumerism is termed ostrich syndrome.

Our middle class does not know the political pitfall caused by Military Junta ‘ruled us almost most of our history in the form of Ayub, Zia & Musharraf’, weak democracy on crutches dictated by Agencies always remained feeble. American journey of democracy started in 1770s; Britain signed Megna Carta in 12th or 13th century.

Poor Paki middle class term rural leadership ‘that hardly ruled less than 10 years in last 60 years’ reason for state of present state of affairs in Pakistan, they never visited the rural areas, not knowing the local languages, even the geography, even the history or social psychology, in such social milieu, it is easy to manipulate & rule, that’s what Military does….

Cowasjee says, around 160 mill people, illiterate, senseless idiots that is called Pakistan.

I remember old saying, worst kind of democracy is better than any other system.

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