Monday, August 25, 2008

Agreements Are Not Quranic Verses, Hell With Principles!!

I am one of the die hard opponent of dictatorship in Pakistan and virtually a preacher of democracy. I also believe in the supremacy of supreme law of Pakistan i.e., The Constitution of 1973 in its true spirit.

Over here, on one hand people believe that lets give democracy a chance and it is at the historical juncture to set examples, on the other hand people believe that this country require stick and carrot rather people gone to an extent that DANDA is the only solution.

Today it’s sad to hear that coalition of PML ‘N’ and PPP has broken. Whatever stance parties may have vis a vis the restoration of Judiciary, they have right to have any. But I lament writing that Mr. Zardari agreed with Nawaz in Muree that he will restore the judiciary and later he refused to take or act on his words, claiming that agreements are not the Quranic verses.

Further on sad note, in my Law class we discussed that any proposal or offer is mutually accepted by two individuals or entities it becomes a promise or rather an agreement. If that agreement is backed by law it becomes a contract. If Zardari refuse what he agreed, is principally a wrong act, may tarnish the image of democracy itself.

It shuns the notion of principle centered leadership.

Hope this country learns from mistakes sooner than it is too late.

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