Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mesmerizing Medici Effect

I came across an interesting idea in my Strategy Class “The Medici Effect”, pioneered by Frans Johansson. He asks one question what elephant and epidemic can teach us about innovation.

Weird, yet powerful.

When we step into an intersection of fields, disciplines, or cultures, we can combine existing concepts into a large number of extraordinary new ideas. The Medici Effect shows how to find intersectional ideas and make them happen.

How ants & tank truck logistics are related? Ants always find shortest possible route efficiently.

When Mercedez-Benz presented their bionic concept car back in 2005 they showed that they were capable of optimizing aerodynamic form in a very unorthodox way; they used the R&D of nature itself and modelled it after the angular but streamlined boxfish. Fish drove the innovation at Mercedez Benz.

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