Monday, November 30, 2009

Women, Depreciation, Sperm Donor & Marriage Pressure!!

Ageing women, depreciation, asset utilization and marriage pressure revolves around time. Asset is utilized in time, better kept; everyone knows depreciation ends up with salvage value and ultimate disposal.

I am lucky enough that I have awesome thinking female friends, today we were sitting on comfy chairs facing grass on one side and sea on the other , discussion started with marriage age, family pressure and concept of depreciation.

It is general belief that older one gets, chances of getting better proposal diminishes. Sooner one gets a life partner better it is. Ageing women’s life is like a depreciating asset, older the asset lower the value. Well, without arguing, discussion continued.

We know that in the past average marriage age was 20 for woman, now there are many more financially independent working women, looking for happiness in relationship instead of getting married for the sake of it or accepting the family and peer pressure.

During the discussion I came across another phenomenon, peer pressure, married woman influencing career oriented independent minded single woman. Few of my friends believe that marriage is not all about getting a ring and sperm donor; rather it is finding a partner for happy living.

Fear of loneliness is another factor for independent minded single working women, they fear that what if their friends move on with their lives and ageing single women may end up living lonely life, to them marriage goal is companionship rather than finding a sperm donor.

There is no harm in getting into an institution of marriage or pursuing an independent single life until one finds the right partner. Family and peer pressure is and will always be there if someone defies norms.

I would rather say do not settle until you find true love or companion, happiness should be the ultimate goal beyond social pressure.

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