Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Hate You !!!!

Whenever I discuss social issues with friends and look around chaotic societies, such as ours, I come across a lot of burning desire inside people and society, one may call it hate.Frankly speaking I may dislike people or things but hate is not my cup of tea. At times I wonder what really hate is and why do we hate???
Today I was scanning the online newspapers and came across New York Times, freakonomics section article “Why Do We Hate” ??It writes “What makes hate tick? How can we stop it?” These are the questions that Jim Mohr, director of Gonzaga University’s Institute for Action Against Hate, asks himself every day as he develops a new field of study around hate.Mohr explains that hates may be by-product of fear, greed and the desire to belong.
I never imagined, our universities would be conducting detailed studies on Hate Science !!!Everyone knows anti-Semitism, Aryans, Bosnia to all across Africa, hatred based on religion or nationalism is caused havoc to human civilization.
I tried to find out the real meaning of hatred, as per Aristotle “hate is the incurable desire to annihilate an object”, whereas Sigmund Freud defined it as an “Ego state that wishes to destroy the source of its unhappiness”Both definitions are deep enough to enable one to understand the emotional make up that is called HATE.
We know hate is part of all of us, but as civilized human being we have to learn to control it.People believe hate thrives in areas not illuminated by education, it is also believed that people dehumanize people and justify violence against others.
Let us wait for the hate study findings, hope we move forward as civilized and mature human society.

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Rather thought provoking.