Saturday, November 28, 2009

Modern Men Redefining Style!!!

You think being trendy and stylish is women’s domain, forget it, modern men are out there to redefine style.

Lately I was at L’Oreal launch in Karachi, I saw men in casual to formal and trendy dresses, but what really amused me was “Men’s Jewelry”.

Amin Guljee is one of the biggest names when it comes to jewelry design both for women and men, I still remember our interactions at SPA and his creative men’s jewelry designs always made me envy.

Lately I was in Malaysia, I got to see, designers are devoting more time, attention and store space when it comes to Men’s Jewelry.

I came across Men’s trend magazine, It says “men are showing desire to want to show their identity and they are at ease and confident enough to complement a watch with a bracelet, necklace or ring.

I always loved sporty stuff, Columbia sportswear watch has always been my favorite, thin lined leather necklace with rustic jewelry is too boyish, I never go for it. I find Japanese businessmen wearing stainless steel, black diamonds or titanium rings. I would rather say these rings are common among younger men with an urban taste.

Athletes have always been trendsetter in men’s jewelry but trendy stuff is getting into urban men.

Let us see, what come ahead for modern men!!!

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