Friday, November 27, 2009

Women Suicide Bombers, Kill & Go to Heaven !!!

Women suicide bombers, a new phenomenon introduced during Iraq war. Every women bomber has different reason to go on killing spree, loved one’s death to religious reason.

Lately I came across an interesting article published in prestigious Guardian; its title is “Inside the mind of a female suicide bomber”.

It’s an interesting story of a woman, Baida, a suicide bomber jailed after her failed attempt to blow herself. She lost her father and brother; ironically she opted to blow herself. Her story is intriguing, living in an isolated community dominated by extremists, women in such areas are powerless, most of them have no control to make decisions such as whom to marry, how many children to have etc.

It is yet another interesting fact, women choose to become suicide bombers for the sake of special destiny i.e., heaven, most of them put on make up and dress up before blowing.

The surprising part I got to know was Baida’s explanation, she is clear “when it is halal ‘permitted’ to kill a person and when it is forbidden!!!! She justifies the killing of innocent American construction workers and she is willing to explode if anyone is Jewish.

Another astonishing aspect I came to know, when interviewer was about to leave, Baida mentioned, had she not known the interviewer, she would have killed her.

I just fail to understand, in certain societies, killing in the name of religion is so rampant, just to kill if one disagrees with others. There may be reasons but indiscriminate killing because of different faith or nationality is astonishing.

How long this killing spree would continue in the name of religion, ethnicity, heaven and hell ?????

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Jaydev said...

I hav heard from some news sites Gaza and all..girl's reason for volunteering are more naivete...
from Father not allowing her to marry her boyfriend..etc..
I think its sort of empowering for them..when they are not allowed even basic driving a car..or go shopping alone..
The recruiters of these poor ladies will burn in hell..if there is any such thing..