Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sindh is in Bolivia!!! Not in Pakistan!!!!

I just got to know that pseudo intellectuals on Pakistani junk Urdu channels believe that Sindh is not part of Pakistan but it is somewhere located in Bolivia, Nigeria or in Papua New Guinea.

BBC Urdu bloggers are thought provoking; lately I came across an interesting blogpost written by Wusatullah Khan, he writes “President Zardari during his recent visit to President Karzai’s oath taking ceremony in Kabul, wore Sindhi cap, it is so sad that one local TV showed two pseudo intellectuals alleging Zardari for using Sindh card. They further discussed that representing country in regional dress is not at all acceptable”.

Another interesting argument I came across, whenever an Army dictator ‘we had so many, we are a Generals producing nation’ visits abroad in Army uniform no body mentions it as Fauji “Army Card”. If Prime Minister visits in tie suit, nobody dare to say it is Western Card. If any leader lands in Riyadh in Kameez Shalwar, no one mentions, its a Punjabi, Pakhtun, Sindhi, Seraiki or Baloch Card but pseudo intellectual thinks if one wears Sindhi cap, it weakens the essence of federation!!!

Same mindset, labeled Bengalis traitors, even they were on the forefront in Pakistan movement, reason was, they refused to wear Kameez Shalwar and Jinnah Cap. Around 37 years ago, when Sindh province wanted Sindhi to be provincial language, same mindset chanted slogans “ Urdu Ka Janaza Hay, Zara Dhom Say Niklay” “ Death of Urdu Language”. It resulted in bloodbath, one would never forget.

Wusatullah makes an interesting point, he mentions, “If we allow these pseudo intellectuals, they will remove Jinnah’s pictures in Lakhnavi Pajama citing that it was an Indian card, in Qurakali Cap citing it was Baloch card, in English hat citing it was an imperial card. They may burn Iqbal's picture in red Turkish cap, alleging him for playing Turkish Card.

Lastly he mentions that these pseudo intellectuals do no know that in 1947 when Sindh Assembly passed resolution for joining Pakistan, Muslim parliamentarians were wearing Sindhi Cap. These people don’t know that Sindhi cap is also worn in Punjab, NWFP, and Balochistan and in Afghanistan.

To conclude, how long we let these na├»ve pseudo intellectuals, who don’t know anything about history , culture and geography to come on TV and divide all of us ???


Anonymous said...

They are living under this illusion that like many states in the world, Pakistan too is an empirical 'nation state;' it has a unified culture and history.
One has to remind these Urdu-speaking alien and also Punjabi colonisers that if a cultural community which has retained its values for hundreds years, melts away within sixty years of captivity, then today, Roman empire, Mongol empire and Ching dynasty of China had been still amongst us.

bath mateus said...

So well and nice posting , I like it.