Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pakistan Fashion Week Goes Bolder!! We are Not Extremists!!

Whenever I talk to any of my friends in US, they think Pakistan is a place dominated by Taliban & their supporters. General perception is that women are forced to stay back home and streets are full of extremists with long beards and weapons.

No way, it is not our Pakistan, there may be small tribal areas one may find such pictures but when it comes to Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad, we are moderate as well as modern in our outlook towards life.

Lately Pakistan Fashion Week kick starts in my city Karachi, it was postponed, venue was changed, amidst threats from minority extremists but the show goes on. Karachi defies extremism and says no to barbaric minority " unfortunately its known fact that some elements in Pak security institutions do back such elements to maximize so called strategic gains, but Pakistani majority does not support all."

Karachi shows the true image of the people of Pakistan. Hope western media depicts the other side of the coin where majority belong i.e., moderate and modern Pakistani society.


Khadija Ahmad said...

Mister you better wake up before you find yourself in a grave full of snakes - read the last surahs of the Holy Quran before talking like an ignorant ..... let me be polite but when it comes to defying the Holy Commands my blood boils with rage - it is because of this so called modern islam that we are being punished so but yet no idiotic Pakistani seems to get it in his thick head including my own sick relatives!Have a good day!I am on blogger as well!

Anonymous said...

Dear BRO , you also mentioned that “unfortunately its known fact that some elements in Pak security institutions do back such elements to maximize so called strategic gains” I totally agree

BRO, Now not only in Army but in Public, the Violent has become a fashionable culture in Pakistan As Karachi concerned here is real image of Karachi sitting Govt: Chief and Ministers , hope you will not forget to say , “GA PAKISTAN “ .. lol

The Media is play a key role in country here see what it is receiving from GOVT :

skunk said...

this is indeed a pleasant surprise,,,

hope is rekindled!

JRR Tolkien

Imran Baloch said...

Khadija, who has given you authority to say that i would go to the hell and snakes all around much do you know about me. What shows i am other words my writing boiled your blood, it means such feelings would force 'a muslim like you' to kills other person, the reason is simple, you do not accept the view point of other person.

Doesnt religion talk about tolerance, why dont you let God decide, who to punish and who not !!!!!

If you dont like modern Islam, simply practice whatever you think is good for you. I may be an idiotic Pakistani but i have full right to think and write whatever sounds appropriate to me and as long as it doesnt hurt others.

I fail to understad, what made you search fashion that you landed on my blog ??????

acrumb said...

Khadija Ahmad has not read the Quran.
Islam was an extremely progressive religion for its time.
Kharijites, the first sect fought for eqaility of gender and vote by full suffrage.
Those who speak in its name should be even more progressive today.
No chance of them delivering geniuses like Ibn Khuldun, who loved knowledge, started whole fields of study and was a Muslim jurist. Hello!

Khadija Ahmad said...

Okay sorry for being harsh - was in a bad mood - but kids Allah swt is punishing us in Pakistan for corruption ,vulgarity etc - we have been so brainwashed by the devil we do not consider a sin a sin - mark my words in the name of Allah swt I am telling the truth - a woman should follow the Holy family and ladies of those category only - sorry if was rude - be good and listen to mama - mama is always right - all the best - may HE guide us all Ameen!

Khadija Ahmad said...

YA Allah YOU are punishing us for our sins but how damned we surely are we still want to challenge YOU and dare to parade half naked on the streets and especially on the catwalk - we are proud to be prostitutes but ashamed to be pious - Ya Allh how deaf ,dumb and blind we surely are!