Saturday, November 14, 2009

Confused Pakistanis Need Mullah Omar; Down With America !!!! Talibans aren't Monsters !!!!

Pakistani musicians believe, Taliban are not bad, they are non issue, it is infidel West and America 'Neo Cons' want to de-islamize the Pakistani society. I was shocked to hear, musicians represent the youth of Pakistan, influence them, coming up with the most cliched rhetorical crap along with lyrics based on conspiracy theory .To me, if someone says Gosh, Pakistanis do not deserve Taliban, i would rather say, no we deserve them.

They destroy schools, kill civilians but our confused nation lines up with range of conspiracy theories all the way starting from CIA to Mosad and Raaw. Well, if India can find Pakistani hands behind Mumbai attack, they simply take it to international court and convince international forces with evidence. Our Commandos 'Sipah e Salar' in media make so much hue and cry but no evidence of xyz involvement has ever been shared .

On the same issue, i came across an interesting New york Times article, it writes, "While Pakistani journalists, playwrights and even moderate Islamic clerics have boldly condemned the Taliban, the nation’s pop music stars have yet to sing out against the group, which continues to claim responsibility for daily bombings. The violence has no shortage of victims in addition to the dead: more than three million people have become refugees, and more than 200 schools for girls have been destroyed. And the musicians I spoke to have suffered as well, which makes it all the more surprising that they are reluctant to criticize the militants".

Balochistan is the example of gross human rights violation, as per Human Rights reports, hundreds have been kept in jails without trial, disappearance of innocent is the order of the day. Political struggle is all about poor people living on the richest land asking for their due economic share as per constitution.

Well, National Security State and its media simply sweeps it under rug through blaming India.

Media, educated middle class, pop singers and corporate zombies have merely become patriotic conservative Islamic apologist just blaming everything on America !!!!

I guess, our nation deserves Mullah Omar!!!!!

"Watch Ali Azmat and Noori with their Patriotic Crap"

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