Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stop Backbiting; Evils of the Tongue

Backbiting is sort of our national sports, in general society loves it, mostly liked by women folks “let me be honest, very few women may not practice but its common, one may like it or not”.

From social or ethical point of view, backbiting is looked down upon in any civilized society.

Today, I came across to an interesting book written for Muslim Women “Nasihat Ul Nisa, The Advice to the Women”. Focus revolves around women and backbiting, it explains that hadeeth reported ;

Do you know what backbiting is?”
They said: “Allaah and His Messenger know best.”
He said: “Mentioning your brother with that which he dislikes.”
It was said to the Prophet (PBUH): “Even if what I mention about my brother is true?”
He (PBUH) said: “If what you have said concerning him is true, then surely you have backbitten him; and if what you said isn’t true, then surely you have slandered him.”

Reading another interesting hadeeth says that “These are the people who ate the flesh of others (by backbiting) and trampled upon people's honor.”

I just look around, our society loves talking in the back, backbiting and hypocrisy is the love in the town………so sad !!!!!!!


Saba said...

Hmm, how come most of these so called Islamic "Advice" books are written for women?
Muslim men are perfect as they are and definitely dont need to work on becoming a better person?

To me both sexes are experts at backbiting.

It is always a pleasure to visit your blog Imran.

Imran Baloch said...

Saba...thats what i thought....but was surprised, religion refers to women and advices them to not to back bite....GUYS are such a BITCH i agree...NASTY BITCH.

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to comment.

Mohamed Shafiu said...

Someone was told: "So-and-so has gossiped about you" - so he sent him a dish of dates, with the message: "I heard that you had given me your Hasanat (rewards) as a gift, and I want to return the favour; please excuse me for not being able to pay back in full."

Anyway the main point here is of course, if you backbite on the Day of Judgement whoever you have backbited about has the power to take as much of your good deeds as he or she wishes & you will be left with nada, nothing, zilch, diddly squat.

So let's try and keep our tongues from wagging eh? (Insha'Allah). If you are hurt by a friend or family member etc. either go tell them, or tell Allah allll about it. Just don't tell someone else who may happen to know the person, therefore making them think badly of the other person. & we have all (well maybe not all but majority) backbited at one point so let's ask for forgiveness & try not to do it again, Insha'Allah. =)