Thursday, July 23, 2009

Globe Trotting; Charlotte, Completely Exotic!!!!

Charlotte is one of the places which are exotic, different, serene yet urban. During my February US IVLP trip, i flew from Newark Airport , New Jersey for Charlotte. I was aware that it is somewhere in the South West of US, a laid back biblical town.

The best thing about IVLP trip, it focused on diversity, my experience enriched through visiting exotic places. When we landed, whole place gave a serene look, boulevards with green surroundings. After half an hour drive, we reached the downtown, with high rise building such as Bank of America Head Office along with many sports complexes.

One thing I noticed, there were so many steak houses along with many churches all around. Place gave a conservative look but it had its own charm. It is unlike any other place where one religion is forced to go underground if there is a strong presence of predominant opposing religion. Right in the middle of biblical belt, I came across a huge mosque; it shows the tolerance and harmony in American culture.

Apart from high rise corporate offices, I also noticed that there is sporting vigor. Our group ended up watching an NBA game, it was played between Charlotte Bobcat and LA Lakers. We were Charlotteans’ guest so we ended up supporting Bobcat, luckily tough LA Lakers faced the defeat I guess it was our influence and cheerleading for Bobcat heheh.

I also came across an interesting thing, I found guys with heavy bikes, came across Harley Davidson store. Other thing I noticed, cars and 4x4 jeeps with lifted heavy tires, amazing sporty Dodge SUV look.

We also had an amazing home hospitality dinner & exchange with cultures and visiting an international school was amazing interactive exposure.

Diversity is the true beauty of America, I miss it a lot.


Liz said...

OMG!! I can't believe you posted pics of those monster trucks (That's what they are called).Thats some real hill billy stuff there. Congrats on grasping the true flavor of the South. HEHE! :)

Imran Baloch said...

;-) I miss South flavor alot :P