Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dubious Single Women & Marriage Talk!!!!

Today I came across an interesting discussion on single women and marriage talk on ‘first blast’ Dawn TV. It is interesting to note that it is very difficult to be born a woman in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. A society driven by conservative religious cum feudal socio-cultural norms and values.
Generally our society still considers women a commodity and a sex toy or an instrument to deliver babies.

It is ironic, when a woman gets married; society thinks that marriage gives her license to live, to be with someone who can give her sense of protection. If a woman is not married, she is singled out with dubious gestures.

On the other hand women live under so much fear, complete focus revolves around marriage, what if they wear tight trousers, will they be able to get married!! What if they wear loose shalwar instead of jean, will this give a conservative look or what if someone wears a Hijab 'veil', will this affect the chances of getting married.

To me, women in our society are forced to choose or appear, as if they are a saleable commodity and everything revolves around marriage.

Well guys around 35 also attract a lot of suspicious gestures but women are completely singled out.

It is also general belief that if a relationship goes sour or successful, everything rests on a woman; she ends up compromising the most.

I lament, things are changing but with a slow pace….

I wish a renaissance hits Pakistan that leads women to liberty and allow them to make choices with respect. I wait for the day when everyone thinks twice before violating the sanctity of a women, isn't she a human first ??


sualeha said...

it is ufortunately our society when females are being considered for marriage, they are scrutinized as if they are some commodity in the market..its high time-the mindsets/paradigms in our society must change for the better!

Imran Baloch said...

I agree but i lament things are moving with slow pace. I dont see any drastic change ' in terms of respect for women' in my life.

Wish planet becomes women friendly and people respect women equally........

Atleast i try to remind through my writings that women need freedom, respect, equal rights.

z.a.i.r.e.e.n said...

well said, imran. hope things will change for the better. I am all for equality :)

Imran Baloch said...

Hey Zaireen, thanks for comments. I just hope things change for women.