Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pakistani Nation is Living by Default!!!

It is easy to live by default, go with the flow just like Alice was lost in wonderland. Few days back, I came across a basic yet an interesting concept, which says there are two type of people, one who live by default and other by design.

People living by default, focus on area of concerns, issues beyond their solution or reach. They tend to blame others, always are reactive and never take charge of their life and always feel dependent on others.
On the other hand there are proactive people, they live by design, they are independent people, strongly believe that they make their own destiny , never blame and always focused on creating their future. Strong focus revolves around the things they can influence or change.

If I apply above on Pakistani nation, we tend to find reasons, at times blame Jews or American for the plight of present day Pakistan. What Taliban are doing, we blame that its infidel conspiracy to weaken Muslims. We are such fatalist, never take any positive step to create better future rather react, blame and remain dependent.

At times we bring religion and blame NASEEB “Fate”, there are virtually thousands of reasons we invent.

Nations exist by default, always remain dependent. Progress is all about independent thinking, taking charge, being pro-active, not blaming other and creating our own future with firm self belief.
I lament all is missing, when I look at Pakistan nation.

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