Thursday, July 23, 2009

Judgmental; No Please!!!!

I love my evening jog in awesome serene surroundings with my cool friend and we end up discussing something interesting. Have you ever thought, why as a society we judge people, we look at the world with our own goggles, be it transparent, red or blue. These colors represents the biases, what we perceive, we store it in our mind, process it using our biases and experiences, in the end, form a big picture or a mental map about a person.

Let me share, perceptions are always wrong, without knowing or putting one's feet into other’s shoes it is virtually impossible to get to know the real thoughts. Biases and past experiences are here to distort, and we often form an image which is far from reality and this would always weaken the relationships.

At least I try to avoid judgments, try to communicate before forming judgment based on false paradigm.

As a socetiy we do not give personal space or freedom to other person, always poke our nose into others affairs and always try to be judgmental. If two friends ‘male & female’ going out for a dinner, all kind of fishy expressions initiate backbiting. No matter its friendly dinner or a date but we simply do not have patience to hold on before getting to know the reality.

Immature societies or people rely on judgments, maturity believes in open communication.


Zikr said...

Loved this piece of true.

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