Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pakistani Media Needs to Spend Time in US

These days’ Pakistani media is completely running the sensational news and making people confused, high hopes to low hopes. Instead of constructive discussions, they are just confusing people with news that gets published in New York Times.

Few months back I was part of US IVLP Exchange Program, attended over 50 lectures in various states, visited Capitol Hill and their Congressional Committees. During my visit, I never came across any newspaper initiating debate on the basis of something that gets published in some other newspaper.

If some non important US senator says something about Pakistan to any media, whole Pakistani media diverts complete attention to the news as if world is falling apart for Pakistan.

Whole media fails to understand the big picture, what US grand strategy for the region is? What are their interests? What is the diplomatic US language and message they want to communicate?

As a student of International Relations, I lament to say that Pakistani media fails to understand all.

I at times feel that important media person should be part of any US exchange program, to go there attend few lectures, visit Congress, and then they may understand what Congress is? What congressional committees are? What’s lobbies and senators media talk means to national US policy vis a vis Pakistan.

I guess after visiting US, they may understand and calm down and use logic instead of making people confused with sensational media.

I hardly watch TV but to me most of the media freedom has created electronic TABLOIDS

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