Friday, May 15, 2009

Changing Dynamics of Sardari System in Balochistan!!

Baloch society is at the verge of a change, it is an evolution which is abnormal and forced by the present circumstance. Change is all about the transformation of sardari influence to Politicized Balochistan. There was a time, institution of politics was managed or influenced by the sardar(Tribal Chief) . In general, sardar used to have narrow tribal outlook but change is knocking at the door.

In the past Bugti, Mengal and Marri were the sardars along with political influence, however as we see in the case of next generation i.e., their sons, we do not find Bugti, Mengal or Marri’s elder son influencing the society as sardar. Sardar Attaullah’s nephew, Asad Ullah Mengal , is sardar today but political Akhtar Mengal has more influence, similarly Marri’s elder son Changez is logical heir but people recognize political late Balach or Haair Beyaar, In the case of Bugti, his grandson , ‘Salem’s son’ Mir Aali is on the way to Dera Bugti to claim his sardari but people and society has deep respect for political Brahmdag .

On the other hand, historically, Khanate “Khan of Kalat” was supreme sardar in Balochistan; no body knew Mr. Suleman Ahmed Zai, until he turned political and called a Jirga on present day political issues of Balochistan.

Chief of Jhalawan Mr Aslam Raisani or Chief of Sarawan Mr Sanaullah Zehri, being the superior sardars are less powerful than political Haair Beyaar, Akhtar Mengal or Brahmdag.

It is the politics that is driving forward the social dynamics and influence of sardar is declining. If one looks at the political institution, it has connected Baloch middle class with political leadership from sardar family.

Politicians with sardari background, instead of narrow tribal, group outlook, they are visualizing Baloch and Balochistan, as a whole, irrespective of social status of agroup.

To me, if I conclude, at times good things happen in bad times, I am glad that politicization of society and declining influence of the institution of sardar is going to benefit Baloch society more than the medieval sardari narrow outlook.

One should not ignore the changes on ground taking place; this will have far greater impact on regional political dynamics as well.


Bijjar Baloch said...

Please Correct: Noor Uddin Mengal is not the Sardar of mengal Tribe, instead Asad Ullah Mengal is the Sardar of Mengal Tribe.

Imran Baloch said...

Thanks Bijjar, change incorporated