Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why World Does Not Trust Pakistan & Pakistanis???

Today one of my learned friend shared an interesting thought about trust “A Sufi once said that trust is like a rope, if it is not broken it looks good and strong, and once it is broken and knotted, it looks uglier and can not be trusted because it might break again”.

Pakistanis live in outside world, in free societies, indulge into islamization of Western society, may be through violent means, getting training in Pakistan and going back and disturbing other societies.

I was watching BBC, it was showing, Dagestan, a small Russian territory, it was peaceful, until youngsters started going to Pakistan to get Jehadi training.

If Pakistan, runs Jehadi factory and disturb whole world, who the hell is going to trust expatriate Pakistanis!!! Who the hell will not look them with suspicion!!

I remember, reading the book DESCENT INTO CHAOS by Ahmed Rashid ‘well known Pakistani journalist’ saying that General Kiyani once talked on telephone which was intercepted by Americans, he called Taliban leader, Jalal Uddin Haqani an ASSET.

We are an allay of US in war on terror, yet calling an enemy a friend, who is going trust us???????

The other day i was watching TV drama on Geo, it is about life of South Asian expatriate community living in London. Indians hooked English men & women to Indian food, music, culture, dresses, bollywood.....a rich culture won respect for Indians but on the other sides Pakistanis confused and trapped between culture and religion, nothing to offer but everyone view them with suspicion.

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