Friday, May 15, 2009

Baloch Society is all about Honor & Revenge!!

If one asks me the core values that prevails in Baloch society, my answer would be simple, it is Honor and Revenge. History tells us the same story, British took to govern the empire that now constitutes Pakistan through an approach or a formula, it says, `Rule the Punjabis, intimidate the Sindhis, buy the Pushtun, and honor the Baloch.

British learned the core values that prevails in Baloch society and history is witness that they hard cordial relationship with the subject, they knew the empire building tactics.

On the other side if one looks at the history of Balochistan after the creation of Pakistan, one would find constant disgrace of Baloch followed by humiliation. Be it forced annexation of March 1948 or killing of Khan Karim , or disgrace of 80 year old Mr. Naurooz Khan, deceiving through false promises and using Holy Quran , trapping him to lay arms which was followed by his disgraceful hanging at an old age.

Be it 1970s army operation, killing of thousands of innocent or recent humiliation by President Musharraf, threatening, saying Baloch would not know what would hit them, to him Baloch are traitors and to be dealt with disgraceful fashion. Killing of Bugti or Balach, thousands of men and women already disappeared, physically assaulted and sexually abused are examples of disgrace.

Unfortunately, most of the Pakistanis do not know Baloch history, society, values, had they known the importance of Honor, we would not have been facing present day crisis.

If one humiliates Baloch honor it would be followed or responded with the instinct of revenge. After so much Pakistani humiliation, to me whole Baloch society is fueled with the fire of revenge.

Solution to Balochistan problems requires deeper understanding than just passing statement that it is foreign hand, helping Baloch traitors.

Revenge of history is painful, it is high time to not to be ignorant.

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