Sunday, May 31, 2009

Men's Grooming in Pakistan, Hhmmmmmm !!! Why Botox ??

Last week I was having talk with my friend, she lives in Philadelphia, I was talking about my interest in grooming, from facial to eyebrows threading, she came up with a word, and everyone is familiar with “Metrosexual”.
These days world is image conscious, at least I am, it’s not surprising that men are fast catching up to women when it comes to spending time and effort on their appearance. A study reveals that “The male grooming industry has grown by 800 per cent in the last seven years and men are a lot less afraid to admit that they use cosmetics regularly”.

Study further says “Considering these recent changes in a lot of men’s attitudes to their appearance, it shouldn’t really be surprising that things are already moving to the next level. Not only are men using more beauty products and spending more time and money on their looks but more and more men are choosing to take the quick route to looking younger and opting for Botox”.

“This trend for ‘boytox’ started in America but is now catching on in the UK too as an increasing number of men decide that they’d rather not wait for all the lotions and potions to take effect when there is an instantaneous solution available. The only problem is that Botox is a poison. It literally freezes the muscles in your face still, so you physically couldn’t move them even if you wanted to. Sure it gets rid of the wrinkles on your brow but it also means you can’t frown. And you can’t raise your eyebrows. Or really show any sort of expression at all".

Pakistani newspaper Daily Dawn writes, Asif Ali Zardari along with Nawaz and Shahbaz opting for male grooming products to look younger. Male grooming industry increasingly growing in Pakistan, when I go to Clippers, I find a lot of guys ‘mind it not gays’ experimenting with various facials, from herbal to chemicals, pedicure and threading.

Who says, Pakistan men are not catching up with global trends?

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