Thursday, April 30, 2009

Say No to Taliban.

Today Pakistan is in such a confused state over supporting or destroying Taliban. It seems many conservative forces believe that Taliban are our Muslims brothers, would shield Pakistan from Indian intrusion into Pakistan through Afghan borders.

The monster may seem to fix external threats but it seems things on internal front are getting worse by the malaise of Taliban. We saw Red Mosque fiasco, then women flogging in tourist area Sawat then falling of Buner, just 60 km away from Islamabad.

At least people in urban towns are concerned; one can not force their will on people in the name of religion. In the case of Taliban, it is the medieval forces pushing societies to Stone Age.

Moderate force in Pakistan would not let the Stone Age monster to rein the cities with their version of Islam.

I just can not imagine people forcing me to wear beards, offer prayers or follow religion the way others want me, no fun, no music, no art, no literature simply plunging into dark ages or someone tells my female friends to wear BURKA veil, to not to work, don’t come out in public, cover everything.

I just can not think about such a life… way.

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