Thursday, April 16, 2009

Forget about Printed Books, Kindle 2 is the Future!

During my February 09, US visit I came across an interesting device at Barns & Nobel Bookstore, called Kindle . It is such a sleek and eyesoothing digital reading device, i think I would be using pretty soon.

If Kindly 2 were cheaper, it could have affected the sale of printed books, it is presently priced at $359. Hmmm spending that much for pleasure reading device it makes one rationale buyer to think. But sooner or later Kindle would be in every bag and every hand.

Kindly 2 is better than original It's sleeker, more pleasant to touch and easier to read (though the screen is the same size), and the battery lasts forever--more than two weeks if you keep the wireless connection off.

It also adds a supercool feature called Whispersync, which automatically notes where you left off reading. So if you use more than one Kindle or download the free Kindle reading software to your Apple iPhone, you can move from one device to the other without losing your place.

Days are not far when we start reading books on our iPhone? iPhone!!!! I am not kidding, with a 1o inch IPhone touch screen.

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