Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey Pakistani Friends Be Pro Progress!

There are various societies, marching on the path of progress, moving up with idea generation and making the world a better place. Be it US, China, India, Japan or major European economies, all are marching on the path of progress.

I lament, there are many people around Pakistan who are myopic, living in medieval age , suffering from pre conceived notions or perception that leads them to blame others in everything that goes wrong in country. They are out there to identify flaws all around Pakistan and find a scapegoat to blame, in many cases its India or US or Israel etc.

To me these are the people, who are suffering from conspiracy phobia. They are naive, just can not see what is happening around, who is responsible and how could it be fixed. What is their role, how much they are responsible, how much they can change instead of crying out loud and blaming various groups or countries. One may not deny conspiracies but we all need to see inward and find solutions and bounce back just like winning societies do .

I also lament our educated class ‘to me most of them are technicians, good at technical work’ are oblivious, it may not be their fault, there is hardly any emphasis on social or civic learning in our curricula at national level.

People at the helm of affairs have harmed the nation through distorted history. No where in the world, invaders are considered heroes but I lament in Pakistan we call Mehmood Ghaznavi a hero, he came 14 times from Afghanistan to loot gold and other ornaments from Indian temples. We call him a hero, believing that he preached Islam, destroyed those statues of Hindu God and Goddesses. I at times think why Mr. Ghaznavi, did not destroy statutes in Bamyan, even those were in his neighborhood.

Bhagat Singh is the son of the soil from Faisalabad, he stood against the discriminatory colonial policies of British Empire, we do not call him hero. Ranjeet Singh formed united Punjab, irrespective of religious difference, all Punjabis were coalesced with the system.

I at times think, there is something deeply wrong with us, be it educated or uneducated class, we are naïve and myopic enough to be pro-progressive.

If someone tries to be pro-progressive, we just blame him or her that he or she is brainwashed. I have yet to find people who question and follow things out of logic instead of emotions.

Long way to go…..at least i am glad, in my circles my friends question, ask, open to learning, do not accept what every Tom Dick and Harry believes. They are pro human, trying to make a difference through social contribution, am proud of them. Wish we could have more pro progressive.


Liz said...
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Liz said...

It is unacceptable that Pakistani people do not live equally. The lack of economic opportunities and free education are breeding grounds for extremists. It's not enough that you and your friends preach different attitudes, you have to go into those poor regions and start free schools with lunch programs etc. That class system has got to go.

Imran Baloch said...

Hey Liz, thanks for the reply. Let me inform, one of my friend has joined a Charity School as volunteer 'Mentoring Program' dedicated her Saturday.

I am going to start a Scholarship program for needy students .

I totally agree with your ideas.

But Liz, seriously i lament that these educated guys are so Naive and Myopic that to me they need education related to accepting other cultures.

Believe you me they just hate and blame others, it really sucks.