Saturday, January 24, 2009

Immaturity Rocks; Hey World, Long Way To Go!

It is generally believed that Immaturity pertains to individuals, but immature individuals form immature groups and nations, and nations form immature world.

If one looks at the journey of human evolution it seems we have a long way to attain maturity. To me, maturity is an age where people, groups and nations think about sustainable development, mutual respect, common goals, increasing the size of the pie, accepting the diversity and thinking win-win.

Why it has been ages the world has not attained maturity, one may argue that it is in the inherent nature of human being to think win-lose, to be greedy for power, greedy to maximize economic gains at the cost of weaker segment of society. On the other hand we have witnessed that people are talking about mutual interests and common goals, people are talking about caring for environment for sustainable future, people are talking about bringing peace and justice for peaceful societies, and people are talking about equity and equitable distribution of wealth.

My optimism convinces me that we are on the journey where it would ultimately take us to a level where we think win-win at global level.

Every historical experiment suggests us that world experimented many assertions of self will, world witnessed cold war, an era where two systems dominated and both wanted to assert their system and impose their form of development and governance. It halted the local structural evolution as per local environment, it did not let people decide what path to follow.

In Unipolar world US emerged as sole power, it started asserting his power and manipulation but all in vain, Iraq could only be governed by Iraqis, Afghanistan could only be governed by Afghans.

In today’s world, there are millions of people all around, it is not easy to dominate their will, gone are the days Louis the XIV emerged as sun king to assert his will all across France or Alexander to march across globe or Ganges Khan’s brutal west ward march all the way from Magnolia or small East India Co dominating huge India. In today’s world, it is virtually impossible to control millions of people with power and impose disparity.

World requires a Paradigm Shift to attain maturity, first of all we have to think win-win, focus on increasing the economic pie of the world, ensuring something for everyone, mutual respect and focus on sustainable development.

If I just explain it in one sentence it is “ Thinking Beyond Self & Beyond Borders for Mutual Benefit.”

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Liz said...

I think there are many areas in the world who aren't capable of living in peace due to a pervasive mentality. They don't want or understand Western culture and we shouldn't think we can force it on them. I'm not sure if that's exactly what you meant, but that's what I glean from your blog post.