Thursday, January 1, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire; Visually Dazzling Movie; Hardship, Triumph and Love...

I was surprised to see a British Director Danny Boyle came up with awesome Mumbai slum stuff, using the underdog tale cast.

I would recommend to all my friends, it’s visually dazzling hmmm thematically conscious both entertaining and powerful.

It is an audience-pleaser with a story arc right out of the Arabian Nights. An impoverished orphan through pluck and determination fights for a fortune and the woman of his dreams. But this fable unfolds in a very real place — the mean streets of modern India — and the obstacles of greed, lust, cruelty.

Young Jamal handcuffed to a chair in a police interrogation room where a detective tortures him with fists and electric shocks. The cop believes that Jamal, the longest-standing contestant on India’s version of the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” has been cheating. He cannot believe that this uneducated “slumdog” could have answered all those tough questions without help.

So Jamal tells his story, illustrating how coincidences in his life have providentially come together to provide the answers he needed.

He also gets his lost love, never gives up, it is destiny that he had to reach….i wonder, is life all about written destiny, hard work, money or luck.

Movie was released by end Nov 08, hardly in one month, overall business on box office was USD 19.5 mill, also chosen one of the top ten best movies of the year 2008. Prestigious critics "Rotten Tomatoes" rated it 8.2/10.

Its worth watching……..strongly recommended.

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