Monday, January 12, 2009

Beer is the Liquid Bread …….Ultimate Healthy Drink! Go for Budweiser…

Lately I was having talk about beer with few friends, they call it Zahrein AAp “water with terrible taste”….unfortunately we do not have many choices only left with Murree Classic along with regular, available in can as well as in bottle. Few of my friends are badly hooked to beer and they justify why all of us should drink, let’s read what they say;

It is source of vitamin B, Barley & hops used in production, further, study suggest two drinks per day ensures greatest longevity.

It aids against coronary heard diseases, reduces cholesterol, reduce risk of kidney stones, helps in reducing chromosomal damage from radiation exposure.

Heavy drink may promote beer belly, abdominal obesity, increase heartburn, increase blood pressure, dehydration and hangover.

Through this blogpost I just want to communicate to all my beer loving buddies, dude, it is probably good for you as long as its done in moderation…..

Dude, also develop your taste and get hooked to best available brand, I would suggest, always go for following;

Apart from Murree Classic, if you are abroad, do try Budweiser, Corona Extra, Heineken, Guinness, Coors Light, Miller Lite, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Yuengling, Sam Adam or Sarajevsko Pivo…….any above would make your drinking special….

Have nice drinking day….

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