Thursday, January 8, 2009

Elusive Love, Romance or Chemical Cocktail!

Whenever I think about my past love encounter, it makes me think, is it deep inner spontaneous feeling for girl or just a chemical cocktail driving the love forward.

There are people who believe that love is a drug, hmmm yes it makes people do all kind of crazy things, its sort of intoxication…..hmmm when I look back, yeees I lament how stupid I were, bending the knees for love, to pamper & make love happy, treating her activities above mine….

At least I have learned one thing, no more stupidity, no more love, enough……let me try to find answers behind my stupidity: P i.e., falling in LOVE ;-) Lately, I came across an article in prestigious scientific journal Nature, Professor Young argues that love can be explained by a series of neurochemical events in specific brain areas. If it is true, he says, people will no longer have to rely on oysters or chocolates to create a loving mood.

All my friends, get rid of spending money on calorie filled unhealthy chocolate for love, listen to the love chemistry, am sure the owner of Zamzama, chocolate parlor would curse me :P

Study says, in future, it will be possible for scientists to develop aphrodisiacs - chemicals that would make people fall in love with the first person they see. Wow….falling in love with Kareena Kapoor, hmmm what about Katrina Kaif, hot Piryanka ;-) if you like BBW Big Busty Women, what about falling in love with Fat Lollywood babe SAIMA :P And for those who have fallen in love with someone they shouldn't have fallen in love with, an antidote to unrequited love, would be available…Hmmm if you think…oooops wrong person, let chemistry come to rescue….i was hooked to wrong person, I lament, there was no chemistry to rescue me hmmm one can hope for future ‘rescue chemistry: P”

There is even the prospect of a genetic "love test" to assess whether two potential love birds are predisposed to a happy married life. Guys, go through love test, before signing marriage contract “i.e., NIKAH” :) On the other hand, Poets would have us believe that love is one of those things that are beyond understanding…to me they are CRAZY….. There are scientists they believe that oxytocin is responsible for love, “It may actually enhance our ability to form relationships, and so it is a very real possibility that something like oxytocin could be used in conjunction with marital therapies to bring back love spark."
There are already perfumes on the market containing oxytocin; in future love drugs would also find en-route to body….jump off, you all LAILA & MAJNOOOs. Professor Bostrom believes that it will become increasingly possible to manipulate the neurological mechanisms that play a role in romantic attachment. Wow, go on a date use oxytocin perfumes or get girl oxytocin related drink, wow ready made love…………..forget about poetry….its chemistry….
I have learned one thing, dude its material world, love has to have a price tag, to be bought through using right chemistry……

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Liz said...

I think has to happen organically. You can't force it but a lot of people do. They are stuck in societies time frame and they end up divorced or worse. They end up stuck in a miserable marriage they are constantly trying to make right to no avail. I won't force the issue in my own life because I don't feel I have too. I know a lot of women who simply settle.