Monday, February 2, 2009

My American Journey ‘Perceptions Are Always Wrong’ !

It has been four days I have been exploring various aspects of US life, a lot of questions in mind either being answered or more intriguing questions being raised to find answers.

I have learned one thing that individual freedom to make choice is so unique that drives the country forward. It is not just choice but also to bear the consequence, it is the society that makes mistakes, falls and bounce back. It is the winning spirit & approach that is really inspirational in America.

I noticed one thing people are really hard working, courteous and polite. If I am lost on streets, everyone greets with smile to help me out to find the way. Even in the metro, who so ever I ask they just desperately show willingness to help, the other day I wanted to go to Pentagon City, one person even asked if I want her to come along to drop me all the way.

Washington DC is the place so far I have not felt as if I am a foreigner, my kind of people, food etc, one just can not feel alien out here. Economic hardship is all there but people have not lost the hope, they know that they will bounce back and they are the best. People work like dogs and they deserve the prosperity, unlike back home Pakistani do not work hard yet look for all kind of prosperity.

I learned one thing from an inspirational & impressive guy ‘ Winner find flaws within, losers blame others……US society is winning society, they are just finding flaws within, instead of blaming others for their economic hardship.

Another interesting thing I want to share is the perception, they are always wrong, what people think about American or Pakistani society, is totally different. In Pakistan people think American society is going through the worst economic condition as if they require a rescue package from Pakistan.

American society is not perfect; there are flaws, systematic disparity but at least they are talking about, questioning, trying to find ways and means.

We may blame American foreign policy but right or wrong, they are all focused to fulfill the national interests through political means for economic prosperity. It is the freedom that drives the country forward. Hard working & free societies are bound to lead , instead of envying American society, we have to learn lessons to move up instead of blaming and pointing fingers……


Liz said...

Wow, that is great! Thank you so much for mentioning how hard Americans work. Yes we are a wealthy nation, but we work damned hard and we are generous as well. I appreciate you opening your heart and looking at the positives. I knew when you came here you would enjoy the feeling of being able to blend in. It is truly the amazing thing about this country. It is a melting pot and it works.

rashid said...

I'm glad you like the US. i am a Pakistani having been here for 20+ years and i have to say i respect this country and the individual pillars that make up this great nation.