Sunday, September 27, 2009

What Is Off Limits To Criticize Women About?

Limit to criticize is an interesting topic shared by Rich Santos. He tries to explain the limits one should talk about and a list one should stay away.

Here is an interesting list shared by Rich.


There is no friendly way for a guy to tell a girl that she's put on weight. Even if there was a friendly way, most of the women Rich Santos talked to about it said they would not want to hear it from a guy. It seems obvious, but not all guys know this. Interesting suggestion is, if someone is really desperate to make a suggestion, maybe tell one of her female friends to do it on your behalf.


Someone thinks that he is only allowed to say someone generally looks nice, or one likes her shirt or whatever. Getting too detailed or negative may get you in trouble.

I came across an interesting fact that women dress more to impress other women anyway, and not guys. Basically, one needs to stick to "you look great" and leave it there..


We've all interacted people with annoying friends. But, people consider their friends as extensions of themselves so if you criticize friends, you're criticizing your significant other indirectly. Its better to avoid criticizing friends or family.


Every guy thinks he's a better driver than his girlfriend or female friend. When it comes to driving it is good to have "no comment" policy.

Rich Santos believes that “I can't stand not to give my opinion to women, even when it's bad. I want to learn the things I should hold off from criticizing about women. Do you agree with the items above? What do you hate being criticized about by guys”

Lastly I simply apologize to my female friends I had been talking about the outfit lately. Next time I wont do it, and avoid talking about weight thing as well :P

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ShafzzZZ said...

thats the best part.. stereotypes attached to MOST women are absolutely absent from females u hang out with. doesnt it make life so much easier for ya :P

n yes we never take offense to criticism aimed at our weight or clothes bring it on :p