Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 Still Haunts!!!! US Can Buy Peace But Road Goes Through Pakistan!!!

Today is September 11, every year, this day haunt us, and reminds us the brutal damage inflicted by cruel terrorists. It was 2001 when there were a series of coordinated attack by so called Al Qaeda on US. Hijacking two commercial passenger jet airliners and crashing them into twin towers of WTC in New York City and third one was crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. There were no survivors from any of the flight. In total 2,993 including hijackers died in the attacks. NYC ‘The Big Apple’, I love the city, it has its own aura, one of the busiest cities in the US. Arlington in Virginia reminds me of beautiful Pentagon Mall in Pentagon City, right across DC. Terrorist inflicted the damage to the symbols of the success of US economic as well as military power. Every sane person condemns the killing of innocent people but deep down one thought haunts me. Why did they choose to attack US?

To find out the answer, I had to refresh the cold memories through various text books. Soviet communism was confronted by US and allies every where, be it Latin America, Asia or Africa. Muslim Jehadi’s were developed by US, Saudi and Pakistan nexus to fight the bad guy “communism”. Well, a monster was created, without realizing that snakes do not differentiate between masters and others, they are born to bite, so are religious extremists. Once the Afghan war theater ended, the Jihad & Company recruits were left behind on the barren land of Afghanistan. Drug money and proxy government support was available. After the demise of Soviet Union, a new enemy was found in the form of West and US. They were bound to attack US, the creator of Jihadi’s during cold war.

Well, it was imperative for the strategic interests of US to fight the Soviet expansionism in the region through aligning with a lesser evil but major mistake was leaving the mess after the Soviet withdrawal of Afghanistan.
Well, the mess is getting so out of control that now has its reach to cosmopolitan Europe to America; it is the responsibility of International Community to clean up the cold war mess, affecting everyone.

Everyone knows that Pakistani state is fragile and unstable, presence of Taliban in Afghanistan and in Pakistan, pose a great threat and one should not forget that Pakistan is a nuclear power. In general Pakistani society is moderate, simply against any form of extremism.

It is also imperative for US to address the root cause of extremism in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan. Poverty and state negligence at grass level is helping extremists to recruit suicide attackers to fighters.

US should spend on infrastructure development and poverty alleviation to buy peace and progress for the region as well as for US and world at large. Enlightened Pakistanis do not forget that in the past 'in post 9/11' over USD 7 billion support was provided to army; extremism has increased instead of decreasing. It is imperative for US to focus on people, avoid corrupt Government in spending the development funds or aid. US-AID along with NGOs, District Government and partly with Government 'with strong cehcks' can effectively spend the money for long lasting social implications. Let us make people interested in living than dyeing !!


ShafzzZZ said...

Nice article IB. im a lil skeptical of whether its really written by you :P:P

Bilal Ahmed said...
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moetesum said...

Imran did you listen to his speech, where he said that innocent people died during 9/11, I wish some one could ask him that what is the fault of millions that have perished in the stupid war in Iraq fought for no reason and where the hell are the WMD and how many more have to die in NATO strikes and carpet bombing. This is after the new president has changed the ROE in Afghanistan to minimize collateral damage.

6000 US service men dead already, AF become a second Vietnam for them, every one who wants to settle the score with US is in Afghanistan right now.

This region is heading for a complete shut down as long as their US centric policies and world policing continues. The political generation across the globe is totally flop...........

Imran Baloch said...

Hey Shafzzzz, what made you think that it was written by someone else :(

Is it because of my balanced analysis !!!