Monday, September 14, 2009

Sub Saharan Africa Please Don’t Smile, Pakistan is a Nuclear Power!!!

Eighteen people died in a stampede in Karachi during free distribution of food item ‘AATA’, most of them were women and children.

Sub Saharan Africa is one of the poorest regions in the world; people back there are smiling on events unfolding in Pakistan. They believe that they suffer food crisis and do not have basic facility such as health care, education and safe drinking water because of resource constraints but when they see Pakistan they simply give a smile and raise their eyebrows.

Pakistan has one of the richest agriculture with vast Indus delta, yet we are fighting for basic needs such as food and safe drinking water. Food riots and death of hundreds due to water born diseases is a common story in Pakistan. At times I wonder what the corollaries of a failed state are. It reminds me of the story of declining Soviet Empire, on the one hand high military and space power of state was present and on the other hand people were standing in queue for hours for bread. countries buy more guns than butter, resultantly fail to face socio-economic volcano and disintegrate just like former Soviet Union.

States have choices either to buy gun or butter, unfortunately Pakistan is a nuclear power, yet an ordinary person is struggling with basic needs such as food, safe drinking water, education and basic healthcare. On the one had Pakistan challenges emerging Indian economic prowess with military muscles, intervene in Afghanistan, eyeing on building in house unmanned planes and drones. It simply reminds me of last days of declining and fragile Soviet Empire.

Pakistan has two choices either to be a National Security State or a Social Security State, but unfortunately it has opted for National Security. I usually see people in the media talking about Nuclear Weapon, gone to a level that Paksitan will eat grass but will not compromise on military muscles.

Let me simplify, out of every Rs 100, around Rs 50 goes to debt repayment, Rs 25 to military, Rs 20 for salaries etc and Rs 5 is left for 180 million people.

No wonder Sub Saharan Africa smiles on Nuclear Pakistan !!!!


Jay_Bird said...

"RS is left 180 million people" Wasatullah Khan of BBC Urdu has said it well...."woo kado kain gay"

Imran Baloch said...

Heheheh LOL, Kadoo Kaheein Gaay... I swear ...So true :)

Faiz Baluch said...

Very Well composed piece brother.

Anonymous said...

Painfully sad but true. Well done Imran. BN

Zubair Rehman said...

Imran, we already know, where our Govt. is leading us to yet we have closed our eyes and waiting for the future. All major agriculture land is getting sold to the industries/ housing societies and what we will do when there will be no land left for crops to grow.The incident at Karachi was very sad and for those who don't know about that tragic incident they can visit this link: