Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't Tell My Mother That I am in Pakistan !!

Don't Tell My Mother That I am in Pakistan is the title of revealing National Geographic documentary on Pakistan. It is about the hidden, unseen and unheard aspect of Pakistani society, i would rather say a journey to under-ground Pakistan.

Whenever I travel abroad and interact with people, when they hear about Pakistan, only terror and Taliban related thoughts come in mind. It is not their fault because media only reports the negative aspect of Pakistani society.

National Geographic team visits the sex toy product manufacturing factory in Pakistan, it was surprising to see sex products manufacturing faciliy in conservative and deeply religious Pakistani society.

There are few people who may object but liberal and educated Pakistanis do not have problem as long as these products are not publicly marketed in Pakistan. Overall attitude is tolerant and it may surprise those who believe that Pakistan is a stone age society fueled with extremism.

Next story shows a dance party where girls and guy dancing and drinking freely on the beach. National Geographic guy interviews dancing and drinking couples and was surprised to see the hidden parts of Pakistan, where people live life, have fun and free to choose whatever is acceptable to their value system.

In general Pakistani masses are touchy about sex, dancing and drinking and it is considered taboo, if any girl indulges into dancing, smoking or drinking , she would end up carrying social stigma.

I always question, to me, in general, our society has double standards, people lie, evade taxes, back bite, corruption, electricity theft, you name it, most of the nerve wrecking practices one could imagine are part of our society. If we get a traffic ticket, we wont mind bribing and do all above without feeling shame.

Civilized societies prosper on the basis of ethical behavior, however morality is debatable subject. In our society, we put ethics aside and focus on morality mainly revolves around controlling women and socio-sexual behavior.

Instead of social policing, it is the need of the hour to debate and discuss ethics and morality with rationale mindset for social progress.
Hope sanity prevails !!!

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