Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kerry Lugar Bill “If You don’t Like us & Want us”- Solution is Simple, don’t Take the aid!

Recently, Kerry Lugar bill has been introduced, it plans to grant Pakistan, USD 1.5 billion in five years time, it is termed an Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act.

Bill promises the grant to extremism stricken Pakistan, poised with economic problems.

Lately I came across interesting media debate in Pakistan; most of the sensational TV stations are condemning the strings attached to the bill. I am sure most of the participants in talk shows have not read the bill, yet opposing it.

Instead of Pakistan’s worrying about grant, US should be worried whether billions would buy them peace or not, what if funding falls through or if Pakistan fails against the benchmark or conditions.

Kerry Lugar bill discussion always reminds me of recent BBC blog written by Wusatullah Khan, he simply asks “Why would Pakistan not approach Saudi to grant Oil for three months, Why would Pakistan not ask China for just USD 100 million grant” at least US is buying peace for the region, extending a grant of over USD 1.5 billion, shouldn’t they have right to put conditions. Recent Musharraf revelation on the misuse of USD Billions grant in last 8 years i.e., buying weapons to position Pakistan vis a vis India is not yet forgotten.

As usual Jihadi supporters, parties like “Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan” have decided to intensify its campaign against the alleged US interference in the country’s internal matters and the Kerry-Lugar bill. To me, they are the immediate losers, because empowering people would close the Jihadi factory.

To understand the bill passed by US Senate, I had a look at the details I came across that there are limitations on assistance mainly related to security such as limitation on Arms Transfer. Pakistan is seriously committed to war on terror; it should not worry about those limitations.

Pakistan is committed to Non Proliferation, grant asks for cooperation for dismantling the supplier networks related to nuclear weapons related materials. It should not worry to any peace loving citizen of Pakistan.

Pakistan believes in the stability of Afghanistan, bill requires Pakistan to not to support any of the group, again there is no need for Pakistani citizens to worry about.

Bill calls for dismantling any alleged terrorist bases, if there are any; I guess it is good for the stability of Pakistan and the region.

Bill says, money could be used for the construction related activities. Bill also calls for increasing Pakistan’s counter insurgency capability; again, this would help our army to meet the internal threats effectively.

Bill has strong monitoring mechanism so that purposeful use of the grant could be assured.

To me I do not see any clause that enslaves Pakistan rather it would help us to have peaceful Pakistan, Afghanistan and world at large.

If anyone is against the grant, they also know that Pakistan is in dire need of financial support, could they ask China for just USD 100 million or Saudi for free Oil for a quarter.

It seems Pakistani media is suffering from Tunnel Vision; pseudo intellectualism is the order of the day.

Hope sanity prevails.

Let me share an article and discussion took place in New York Times and Daily Dawn

"Salman Masood article showed two trendy young men sitting with the plastic replica of Rodney McDonald outside a McDonald’s joint in Islamabad. According to Masood, both men vehemently opposed the bill, saying that it ‘undermines Pakistan’s sovereignty".

Where are the schools, hospitals, a welfare system, political stability, a robust democracy, a healthy economy, and a life free of sectarian and religious strife, bigotry, bloodshed and hatred? We are all prisoners of certain delusions... Read More—about ourselves and about the many countries that we believe are constantly scheming against us. We refuse to free ourselves from these paranoid, self-serving apparitions and yet we demand sovereignty from the nefarious designs of our many (largely imagined) enemies. The enemy is us.


Did anyone else notice the common threads between the different Pakistani voices represented in this article (and much of elsewhere too)?

a) they are virulently anti-American while professing admiration, support, etc....

b) they want more and more and more…money. In the form of aid. Don’t ask the billions given them, just in the last few years (and a lot more earlier). No accounting for that. But…they want more money. For what? so they can play the double games they have always played: train terrorists who wage their terrorism in neighboring countries and further away.

c) Blame India, Indians, and such. Not acknowledging that that country, since they broke with Pakistan, has gone on to graduate highly competent doctors, engineers, scientists, professionals. Scratch every terrorist in the world today and you’d find they graduated from …Pakistan. Tells a story of how two countries differed in the last few decades.Are we Americans to trust these sorts with nuclear weapons? Are we to trust them as partners in bringing peace in Afghanistan? If you continue to believe that lemme know for I have a bridge to sell you…

Solution is simple.
Don’t take the aid !

1.5 billion over 5 years
300 million per year
304,059,724 US Population...
$0.9867 per year per person. It’ll eventually add up.

They don’t like us and they don’t want us.



moetesum said...

Imran with this government there will be no Saudi or Chinese help. They had enough shut up calls when the present guy took power. 4 visits and only once he got an opportunity to meet the top leadership of China.

Rest Imran India is piling up fighter aircraft, nuclear sub, landing docks, AWACS, bombers and i have no idea what else. nearly 12 Billion US $ and majority are stationed right across your home, i mean if u go south east from your clifton home.

And your right we need all terror outfits and people who are involved in bloodletting be thrown out for good and may the law of land prevail.

The media in recent report has been rated as following
propaganda 24
False reporting 20 %
Biased info 15 %
paid by political parties 20 %
Lack of research 20 %

So you can well imagine what type of reporting we get and yet we believe every word they say and i am sure the same way US population got hooked on getting Iraq, Afghanistan screwed up by false reporting at the behest of US govt and have they taken any action against Paul Wolf...., Dick and others. Foremost the failed architect of Vietnam war where people are still suffering is running Department of Def......

Imran every where its shit, its not just Pakistan. Go on web and see the poverty index of India which has three digit billion US $ Foreign Reserve, yet its Pakistan which gets the bashing because we see from the some one else point of view not our own. We build our argument from the reading which we find to meet our thoughts.

Imran Baloch said...

Interesting reply Moetesum...agreed.