Saturday, September 6, 2008

Women are the Property of Men!!!!

Crime against women are not new in so called Paki land, men kill women in the name of honor, yet get away with no persecution.
It is shameless that people in Senate “supposed to be educated lot” go on defending the brutal act of killing women in the name of honor. Being a Baloch I feel ashamed…..

Recent killing of girls in Balochistan and brutal murder of Beena Shah who faced the wrath of parents in Peshawar depicts grim aspect of our society. Unfortunately all defended by presidential candidate Syed Mushahid Hussein “Kings College UK Graduate” and many other educated representatives in Senate & National Assembly.

It seems, generally our society has accepted that women are the property of men.

Pakistan, to me is a tribal society just like Afghanistan, only difference is that we live in modern houses and wear modern attire but our attitude towards women is still medieval.

With exception of few Muslim countries such as Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia, rest of the Muslim societies do not accept the active role of women. To me this attitude is one of the major factor of overall backwardness of Muslim world.

Instead of blaming west for the Muslim backwardness, I guess it is time to question our attitude “esp. towards women” that leads to backwardness.

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