Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sexplosion Hitting Hard the Conservative Societies; Is Pakistan Next?

Chile was once one of Latin America’s most sexually conservative countries. Today, youth of Chile are bumping and grinding to a reggaetón beat in urban discos, girls ages 14 to 18 are stripping off their shirts, revealing bras, tattoos and nipple rings.

Sexplosion news on the front page of New York Times World News section and it made me wonder, what really made the most traditional society that followed social mores changed drastically.

I came to know that there is unprecedented spending on technology and internet broad band.

Chile’s youths are living in a period of sexual exploration that, academics and government officials say, is like nothing the country has witnessed before.
“Chile’s youth are clearly having sex earlier and testing the borderlines with their sexual conduct.

The sexual awakening is happening through a booming industry for 18-and-under parties, an explosion of Internet connectivity and through Web sites like Fotolog, where young people trade suggestive photos of each other and organize weekend parties, some of which have drawn more than 4,500 teenagers.

The online networks have emboldened teenagers to express themselves in ways that were never customary in Chile’s conservative society.

“We are not the children of the dictatorship; we are the children of democracy,” said Michele Bravo, 17, at a recent afternoon party.

“There is much more of a rebellious spirit among young people today. There is much more freedom to explore everything.”

Sex education in public schools is badly lagging, and the pregnancy rate among girls under 15 has been on the rise, according to the Health Ministry.

Chilean society was shaken last year when a video of a 14-year-old girl eagerly performing oral sex on a teenage boy on a Santiago park bench was discovered on a video-hosting Web site.

It made me wonder and to relate all in the context of conservative Pakistani society and impact of broad band internet and technology. Our society is drastically changing; teenage sexual expression in certain class is increasing. Teen girls or guys experimenting, exploring sex and trying out all sorts of drugs “may be” out of curiosity.

Lack of proper sex education, may affect the generation badly, may result in teen pregnancies, excessive use of drug and alcohol, may result in loss of generation.

All sort of gay parties in farm houses in suburbs of Karachi or Lahore are in groove, let’s see what comes next. Use of Hash “Katti” drugs is increasing in schools as well as in top business schools “I have witnessed myself”.

Do we need to open up, talk and educate our kids or let us remain mum and let teen generation to explore and experiment the way Chilean society is doing?????

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Amer said...

Great Work man, Our country needs people like you.
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Amer Mahmood
Lahore, Pakistan.

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Thanks alot...glad you liked the write up.