Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why Female Suffers? Karo Kari Stigma Leads to Brutal Killing!

There is not a single day; newspaper doesn’t contain story related to brutal killing of women in the name of honor. We just succumbed to brutal story of Nasirabad killing, yet another horrors story of Thatta knocked our doors.

Few days back, Mr. Aslam Qureshi of Thatta killed his 15 year old daughter ZAINAB because father feared that she had illegitimate relationship with neighbor. Why only female has to suffer, she was brutally killed with stones while sleeping, simply barbaric and criminal.

Similarly, Mohammad Khan Banglani of Thal ‘District Jacobabad” killed his ten year old daughter “can you imagine just ten year old” Hanifa Khatoon brutally killed in the context Karo Kari.

We never come across; guy has ever paid the price in any such incidences of honor killings.Seems we are truly in male dominated society, only female has to pay the price.

Rape is considered a crime against state, why not honor killing????

State has to take drastic steps to address increasing rate of honor killing. For God sake, wake up, before its too late.

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