Saturday, September 6, 2008

Truly Fallen in Love With Hindi Music

I used to be the last person to crave for Hindi Music. Lately, I have developed the liking for the Hindi music because few of my friends are into Hindi music & movies; they influenced me to at least listen to it. I started playing Hindi songs while going together out for lunch, mainly on Fridays.

Lately, during my stay at LUMS ‘My University’ dorm, I started downloading the random latest Hindi movie songs; I discovered something interesting about the music. It has truly transformed, all the way from cool lyrics and melody to fusion music along with global inspirations.

I can easily see, Dhol, Tabla, Guitar, Sitar along with western electronic instruments all fused together. Arabic music to party and club music all bundled together.

Song such as No body Like You of Mission Istanbul is an awesome fusion, English tune fused with Hindi lyrics. Similarly, Tujhay Aksa Beach Ghoma Doon of God Tussi Great Ho is a mixture of Rap music fused with Hindi. Rangelli Rat song of Money Hay Tou Honey Hai is Dhol fussed with range of instruments. Hope instrumental of same movie gives altogether different feeling. Tali, song of Ugly & Pagli “sung by Mika Sing”, fused with PUT YOUR HANDS UP is as good song as any party one & it makes one dance, like anything.

Lyrics are rather meaningless but tune and fusion beat is a good respite on crazy and crowded Karachi roads, loud music makes the overall journey painless.

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