Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PIA’s in-flight Etiquettes and Manners Lecture!!!

It was six thirty I was inside PIAs flight heading from Lahore to Karachi. After tiring trip I thought of a good read and then go for nap. As usual airhostess continues with announcement, its routine and no one pays attention.

Well, after a while, again a series of announcement continued, this time it simply made me attentive, it was an in flight etiquettes and manner lecture in the sky.

I have been through one of the most boring flights of JAL from Tokyo to Osaka and one of the most interesting Delta flight North Carolina to Utah.

PIA flight was weird, announcement sort of surprised me, it goes on;

We request all passengers to use toilet properly, make sure It doesn’t choke, please avoid throwing spoons, knives, glass, plates, tissue paper, sanitary napkin. Please make sure you open the camode lid and remove tissue, when you are done, make sure you clean it. Do not throw water and offer ablution “Wadu for prayer”, this would flood the toilet. Flight is non smoking; please do not smoke in toilet. Do not throw tissue or water while seated.

After the detailed lecture, for a while I thought as if I am taking flight from a jungle somewhere in Africa, Amazon or remote aborigines village in Australia, one may wonder, only a tribal or the most backward society living in medieval age may require above code of basic manners. Later I realized, well, we as a nation may have modern attire, money to fly but still lack very basic manners. When one sees a well dressed guy with expensive vehicle, it is not surprising if that person lacks the basic road behaviors.

On the one hand I got backwardness and civilizational reality check, on the other hand I started thinking about etiquettes and manners police in Japan. Japanese nation is already polite, yet wants to make sure it is enforced so that they would be able to sustain unique socio-cultural value of courteousness.

I am afraid, nations learn and move on but we on the other hand are in the regressive mode, when it comes to basic etiquettes. I guess 60 years are enough to have basic civic etiquettes and manners !!!!


mady said...

IB i really enjoyed this article...and really cudnot blv that PIA staff actually did that...:)...

Imran Baloch said...

:) :) yes they did, it is for the first time i heard...been flying back and forth to Lahore but sounds new to me