Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Polygamy Porter “Why Have Just One” & Funny Delta Air

My International Visitors Program trip to US has been the most memorable, few of the funny experiences, I will never forget.

Delta Air to me had been a boring personality, struggling with economic turmoil, stingy and cost cutting, and no food and even charging for the head phones for boring in flight entertainment. While flying from Charlotte North Carolina to Salt Lake City, it was bumpy and boring long four hour flight. No food was served, boring in flight entertainment, nearly everyone fall asleep.

After few hours journey, the fun part started, the funny air hostesses and their announcements, such as “ Please turn off your hair dryers, if you are using” and also there were few front seat available in business class I heard announcement “ there are few seats available for the most beautiful lady traveling in economy class”

Flight was bumpy, everyone was scared but announcement made everyone laugh, it says “if you did not like bumpy flight please forget that you are in Delta, rather you are traveling in Airline 9999”. Flight was extremely bumpy and announcement came “please make sure everyone is wearing seatbelt”, attendant further says, “Come on I can not come down in bumpy flight all way to check your seatbelts, please check yourself and the person sitting next to you”

I found Delta a funny, friendly and jolly personality, making people laugh.

Another interesting thing about Salt Lake City ‘SLC’ Utah was the hilarious Polygamy Porter beer; I was surprised to see SLC is partially a dry state. One can not have more than one beer without ordering food. The other day we went to shopping outlet mall and ended up having dinner at Thai Foon restaurant. I ordered a funny beer its called POLYGAMY PORTER with tag line “Why Just Have One!” It actually refers to Mormon culture, having two wives used to be part of life ‘law doesn’t allow today’.

The Polygamy Porter was tasty. It is only 4% alcohol so it would take the whole 6 pack to get any serious buzz.

The main label proclaims “Why Have Just One?”. Across the neck label it says “Bring some home for the wives” and in small print they claim their motto has always been “We drink our share and sell the rest”.

I also found few t shirts with tagline “ I can share my men but not my beer”. Wasatch Beer ‘that produces Polygamy Porter’ has long satirized the Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) culture with its advertising. Previous Reagan billboards for Wasatch featured the buxom blond namesake for St. Provo Girl Pilsner and catchphrases “Baptize your taste buds,” “Serving the local faithful” and “Oh, my heck.”

Polygamy porter is one of the most hilarious products I have ever come across.


Liz said...

LOL* Two things Americans use in tough times- food and laughter. :-)

Imran Baloch said...

Heheheh yup, they always eat and eat..