Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wow; Foreign Language Learning Craze in US!!

My perception of US was narrow, I believed that people would be much inward focused, only interested in American way of life. My recent visit has completely changed my perception, when I visited a High School in Charlotte in North Caroline, I was surprised to see students speaking Chinese Mandarin language, and another student shared his stay in a remote village in Cambodia. Everyone is up for a new language and new international experience.

Later I met an International Relations student at a home hospitality dinner in Salt Lake City Utah, she was fluent in Russian. I thought Salt Lake City would be the most inward looking city; however I was surprised to find out that it is one of the cities with the most international exposure and understanding of global culture. It was due to the missionary activities of Mormon’s, they spent couple of years in foreign culture to learn their language and culture so that religious message could easily be communicated. When I visited Temple Square in Salt Lake City, tour guide in every language were available, my friend KONG from China got a Chinese guide. International exposure is not helping only in missionary context but it has also attracted foreign direct investment.

It seems there is a strong co relation in understanding the language and culture of foreign investors and the investment. Similarly, I came to know that Germans are the major investors in Charlotte North Caroline, simply because of the people in the area are of German origin. It seems language make a big difference in getting the ends meet.

In my last week in US ‘Seattle’ I met an interesting person, she is now a friend, and she knew how to speak Persian, well versed with Persian literature, culture and history. She also inspired me, I am also thinking of taking up Persian or Spanish.

No wonder US rules the world, simply because of greater understanding of global culture, issues, problems, opportunities and risks.

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