Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bangladesh Victory Day Celebrations, Corrupt PPP & NRO!!!

I was sitting in the smoking room, National Reconciliation Ordinance discussion followed me, watching TV, listening to FM radio and at coffee house with friends, and again NRO followed me like my shadow.

I tried to look beyond, was happy to see corrupt are made to face the judicial proceedings and people expect justice will prevail.

On the one hand it made me happy but on the other hand made me think, why one party again and again faces all sort of corruption charges. Well, one may argue they may be the most corrupt so that’s why they face the music, but I fail to understand every time we have elections PPP comes out as victorious. Maybe our poor, illiterate masses with their stinky sweaty clothes do not have conscious mind as our so called educated middle class civil society living in Karachi or Lahore.

NRO debate reminded me of history, unlike my middleclass educated urban friends I was not jubilant but storm of thoughts engulfed my mind.

Firstly it reminded me, ugly episode of early 90s, recent revelation of Brig Imtiaz, the ugly story of Operation Midnight Jackal, indiscriminate use of billions of tax payers’ money to topple an elected civilian government of PPP by security establishment.

It made me think, there is no justice and civil society is also dead, billions were used, misused and abused against the elected civilian government, is our justice only against PPP?????

On 16th Dec it was 38th victory day celebration at Bangladesh Embassy Washington DC, a photo exhibit was held. Exhibit displayed the photos of killing field of East Pakistan, as per independent account over 100,000 people were killed and over 200,000 women were raped by MUSLIM ARMY of Pakistan along with Al Badar and Al Shams killing squad.

It made me think, there was Hamood ur Rehman Commission, but NRO type all across pardon was issued, there was no war crime proceeding.

It also made me think, is Supreme Court going to cancel the 1970s NRO and re open the criminal proceedings against those who killed innocents, raped poor women in East Pakistan????
Following poetry makes me feel ashamed .....

Bangladesh, in the long nine months
Were you with child,
Like a pregnant woman
You felt nauseated at times.
You couldn't eat well
You could not toil hard as before,
You carefully covered your distended belly
Lest someone discover your condition.
Your co-wife -- the West Pakistan
Often laughed at you and was sarcastic and acrimonious,
You were disgraced, insulted and persecuted.
You'd cry out in pregnancy-related pain
And wish you were dead,
But the expectation of seeing your upcoming child
You would endure all with a smile.
Your child is born today
You've forgotten
All the past suffering, disgrace and shame.
As you had carried your child for nine months
So have you so much care, affection and attachment for him!
Nurture, tend and protect
Your adorable son 'Independence.'
Today you are separated,
Your co-wife will no longer be able to disgrace you.
Go forward with your head held high,
Your child will
Place you on a pedestal
Among the nations of the world.

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