Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey Pakistan, Please Be Civilized; Already Been Over 60 Years!!!!

It has been a while I managed to travel from farthest away country on the east of the globe “Japan” to west side “Seattle, USA”.

Also managed to go through the airport security checks, which includes worlds three best airports including Osaka, Nagoya and Kuala Lumpur along with range of other airports from Dulles in Virginia, Newark in New Jersey, Heathrow in London, Charlotte in North Carolina, Atlanta in Georgia, Salt Lake City in Utah, Seattle in Washington, Chicago in Illinois, Narita, in Tokyo Japan, Dubai in UAE to Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok Thailand.

I am amazed, the way one has to go through complete uncivilized behavior at Pakistani airports; it reflects general mindset, social norms and values.

Last week I had to attend a conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it was late planned. I was rushing to airport, and on my way I was stopped by Airport Security Force ASF at Airport entry check post. I stopped my car and opened car truck but ASF guy came and knocked on driving side window, I unfastened my seatbelt, the guy asked me (Nechay Utro) get down so that guy could check the car trunk, making me stand. Finally after spending few minutes, guy could not find any BOMB or EXPLOSIVES sigh…they allowed me to proceed.

My mother dropped me, I entered, at international flight entrance gate, ASF guy asked me to show the ticket, guy took a while to read photo copy of an e ticket, I made him read the details. I guess, guy was illiterate, may be trained to read PUNJABI or URDU ‘local languages of Pakistan’.

As I entered to put my luggage on scanner, before that a rangers guy rushed and stopped me before putting my luggage on scanner. He rushed fast as I was carrying a suicide bomb with me to blow them up. Anyways, we had following strange conversation;

Rangers Guy: What’s your name?
Me: Imran
Rangers Guy: Where are you going?
Me: I am flying to KL Malaysia.
Rangers Guy: Why are you going?
Me: I am attending a business meeting.
Rangers Guy: What do you do?
Me: I work for a business organization.
Rangers Guy: What is the name of organization?
Me: XYZ organization.
Rangers Guy: What is your designation?
Me: Senior Planning Officer.

I was sweating and surprised I was going through an intimidating interrogation by a semi literate cop, trained to secure our borders, it is us the tax payers paying their salaries to protect us not to intimidate & harass with their uncivilized behavior.

Well, still the Q&A was going on, the guy asked me about my luggage, I thought he would ask me to get it passed through scanner, rather he asked me to open it, I was surprised, I told him that I am just carrying few clothes and assured him that I can put it on scanner. But he simply put blind eye, deaf ear and I opened my luggage, he took every thing out and my bag was upside down. The guy did not find anything and asked me to go; I had to put my ass on the floor to re pack everything.

I guess these stupid, illiterate guys do not know that science has been kind enough to give the humanity many gifts, scanner is one of them and it can scan a sealed luggage to securitize deep inside human body. Of course, how would a Rangers guy know about it, they are trained to be our gate keepers or security guards, with the expense of tax payers’ money!!!!!

Whole episode reminded me of my US trip, well in Dulles I was greeted by a girl, only on my way from New Jersey to North Carolina, I was asked to go through red scanner, security guy apologized many many times and after the checking, his smile was enough for me.

Furthermore, it also reminded me of my first ever landing in Japan at Nagoya Airport, when I exited, two cops greeted me, first they apologized and then asked me few question, once our conversation ended, and they again apologized saying that it’s their job. Their smiling face and civilized behavior made me to say SAYONARA with smiling face.

Well at Karachi Airport, once I got the boarding pass, I had to go through FIA endorsement on my passport, there were two queues, one for Pakistani and other for Foreigners. Few Pakistanis, with NOORANI FACE ‘with beards’ insisting FIA to let them use foreigners queue, anyways they were forcefully removed. I always carry a book, whenever I am traveling; Pakistani airports are the only one, with sheer distraction and noise, it is impossible to read a single page in a fish market sort of environment.

Anyways, when I landed in KL, it was smiling lady, greeted with welcoming tone. To cut it short, when I traveled back to Pakistan, plane was full of Pakistani, completely chaotic. When it landed back to Karachi, even it did not stop completely, most of the passengers unfastened their seat belts and were trying to rush out to save each and every minute in their busy life. When I grabbed my backpacks, a guy with Noorani Face “with beard” was pushing me to go ahead, once, twice and thrice, well finally I was out of the plane and asked the guy to please move ahead.

Well, I was standing in a queue to get exit stamp on my passport, most of the guys did not go through the process, and the FIA guys got them out of the queue.

I just thought this can never happen any where in a civilized society except in a mediaeval society of Pakistan.

For a moment I started thinking that it was not in my control where to born but it is in my control where I choose to live.


Anonymous said...

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sunny said...

Pakistan is a very Great, God fearing, Peace Loving, Holy country, it has a very Good Culture, Civilization N History. Its citizens are highly Disciplined, Dignified N Distinguished, Enterprising, Industrious and Highly Educated Intellectuals, they are Extremely Religious, Decent N Devout, Pious N Polite, Nature N Character wise they are exceptionally Tolerant, Liberal and Outstandingly Civilized, it has given the world some of the finest Scientists, Engineers N IT Professionals of the highest Calibre. It has world class Universities like Tehreek-E-Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba, , Lashkar-i-Jhangvi Jamiat Ahle Hadith, Sunni Sipah-e-Sahaba, the Shia Tehrik-e-Jafria etc.., and International Madersaas, headed by the late highly educated world famous Principal N Professor “Osama Bin Laden”, and other world renowned Professors like Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, Hakimullah Mehsud, Mullah Mohammad Omar, Maulana Faqir Muhammad, Maulana Qazi Fazlullah, Baitullah Mehsud, Dawood Ibrahim etc.. who are highly educated and knowledgeable in their chosen Fields N Professions, they impart excellent Training N Guidance to Young N Brainy Professionals. It doesnt Back Stab or play Double Games or Black Mail, Cheat or Fraud, nor interfere in the affairs of other countries and maintains Friendly N Cordial relations with all its neighbours, giving millions of Dollars in Donation N Charity to underdeveloped countries. It has a Brave, Fearless, Daring N Courageous Army headed by the powerful ISI (International Sly Institute) whose Commanders N Leaders are extremely Brave N Heroic, who have built through Intelligent Research N Hard Work a variety of world class Nuclear and other Unclear Bombs, which are Manufactured N Exported liberally to other needy and deserving countries, so that they can also Thrive N Prosper. They are imparting training to a large number of Peace loving, Holy N Sacred warriors called Mujahideen or holy warriors, so that they can maintain Law N Order in other countries, (without blowing themselves up). It is being ruled by a set of highly Respected, Cherished, Experienced World Renowned politicians who are Appreciated N Valued throughout the world, who with their Clean N Immaculate record N Diplomacy have taken the country to Great Heights. It has an Impeccable, Faultless, Spotless Clean record on the planet, they are a very good Role Model to emulate. India can take advice and learn a lot from this country, it needs to copy their model of Governance N Education. I pray this great country Gain more Height N Status in the Comity of nations. God Bless this Pure, Clean, Untainted N Sacred country.lolzzzzzzz