Sunday, June 7, 2009

“Emotional Lyrics, Base Rock Café and Economics of Relationship”

Lately I was at Base Rock Café in Karachi, Karaoke, rock songs and cool lyrics. When I looked at lyrics, mostly related to love, emotions, feelings, for a while I felt that all those words were for people living in fantasy land at least not on our planet. One may wonder why, to me emotions, love, feelings are mere words, they simply die down and melt if economics of a relationship does not match.

At times I look back my past , as if I were living on a land of fantasy, emotional encounters, love and feelings followed by back to back love songs. One may feel as if one is flying, it is like ecstasy.

Today I am convinced that people are here to make trade offs, be it job or love. If one finds a better job in terms of monetary gains, instant step would be to move on. Why would one get stuck to one job rest of the life? When it comes to relationship, hmm dating a guy, playing with emotions as things move on, if one comes across a better prospects in terms of material possession, instant step would be to dump the first guy and move on with better prospects. Emotions may not buy designer clothes, better car or better house; it is stupid economics that drives the relationship forward.

To me all those Romeo and Juliet kind of words look impractical. In today’s world, its common old wealthy guys winning young girls and their emotions.

It has been a while I have been detached from the emotional lyrics but today’s time at Base Rock Café made me look back and think.

At times I struggle, and lately I have been facing tough resistance to shut the emotional window. Economics of relationship always come in mind to diffuse the emotional volcano that may again plunge me into the sea of stupidity that is called fantasy land.

I believe that Love is such a powerful human emotion that people are wide open to exploitation. I always regret I was one of the victims and feel bad to be exploited. But who cares.

I always believe that love is not insanity, it is not irrational, it is a relationship of trust and commitment. But it is not easy to find and one may end up feeling naïve, esp when exploited.


Sameea said...

Base Rock Cafe :)
Thanks for puting it up

Imran Baloch said...

Hey Sameea, you like Base Rock Cafe ???

Sameea said...

well, I am not in a position to comment on it :) You tell me ; do you like it?

Imran Baloch said...

I liked the idea, not bad...its different and change is the need of the hour in troubled Karachi.

When i entered first, i felt as if i were entering into a Gentlemens Club :P

Sameea said...

Hmmmm, I think that's because of the location and the fact that its a basement.

Your suggestions are more than welcome :)

Imran Baloch said...

Sameea, are you related to the cafe ????

Sameea said...

yup, its me along with some others who are running it.
How did you find out about it?

Imran Baloch said...

Well, i visited the place along with my friends...they introduced me....i guess i also saw cafe leaflet on (the organization i work for) Engro Polymer Notice Board...

Well, I found it different, a good addition to Karachi cafés. Overall ambiance is eye catchy, set up along with music and comfy chairs are positive. I like overall CD (wall tiles) theme.

On negative side, narrow round stairs could be a safety hazards, outside security could be positive addition.

I remember visiting a café in Seattle, Washington, café had exotic replica of musical instruments fixed on walls, giving a musical theme, however, your place walls seem empty. Even Crocodile music café in Seattle was amazing, it impressed me a lot, and have look at their website….

I have been to a Hard Rock Café in UTAH famous (RED LION), saw café brand t shirts around, good way of marketing. You guys can print round neck t shirts; put them on sale, good for marketing.

Sameea said...

wow...thanks for the detailed feedback, all points noted and have even been put to actualization :)

I agree that our place is a bit empty but then I think you came long time ago. Its still under construction, however we have started filling the walls slowly and gradually with insturments, graffiti and other elements. But it'll take a while for the completion.
Do drop in again some time and feel free to point out things which can be done to make it more appealing.

Imran Baloch said...

Sameea, you are always welcome.

Well, i visited Base Rock Cafe in the first week of June 09, just few weeks back.

I will drop by soon ...