Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Irresponsible Media, Moin Khan visit to Casino & Pakistani Performance in World Cup

Cricket fever is in full swing in Pakistan; everyone is glued to TV and overly engrossed with cricket. Pakistan lost first two group matches, leading to tough chance for them to qualify for the quarter finals.

As sportsman, I would like to lament the role of media in creating anger and frustration among masses. Everyone knows that Pakistan team is an average performer, at times unpredictable however media made everyone believe that we are for sure going to bring the trophy. Let me put it this way ‘An ordinary team playing ordinary cricket, media and people expect extra ordinary performance, over expectation leading to overreaction!!!’

We as nation love emotional response rather than having rational debate and learn from mistakes, fix them and move on.

Besides team’s performance, an incident is the focus of media i.e., Moin Khan’s visit to casino. As per initial reports Moin Khan went there to have a meal two days before the match against West Indies and a Pakistani couple photographed him and made a video.
I wonder what was Pakistani Couple doing in the casino!

Lately I had conversation on social media and presented alternate view on the incident “Moin Khan is the Chief Selector; his job is to select squad, period!  One may question about squad selection. How does this affect team's performance if he visits casino or somewhere else?”
Furthermore, Moin is being criticized that as selector he is not supposed to travel to Australia. However I believe, on this issue board should be asked and this issue should have been debated earlier. PCB must have authorized someone to take such decisions. In soccer I can share many instances of national soccer coaches/selectors visiting all around Europe and seen them watching matches of their target players.

During debate, some of them went on saying that Prime Minister should intervene in Moin’s incident. I would like to ask, Is Moin's travel a core issue that nation must be concerned? Let me write again, ordinary team playing ordinary cricket. If media/people build unreal expectations then only expected reaction would be anger & frustration.
Frankly such discussion won’t get us anywhere. We need constructive and rational outlook towards things in life or sports, learn from mistakes and move on.