Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pakistan is in Mess- It’s India, America & Israel

Our society is plagued with ailment caused by Jewish, American and Indian agents!!! Its general attitude at individual level to TV talks shows. As a nation we are programmed to accept everything under the sun and blame it on others and never make efforts to fix our problems.

Firstly, Pakistani society is struggling to find common uniting factors, however country was created in the name of religion. If religion is uniting factor then question comes, why we witnessed massacre in East Pakistan? Weren’t Bengali’s Muslims? Why over 100,000 Bengalis killed and over 200,000 women raped? No one can explain the terror outfit Al Badar & Al Shams' horrific actions in East Pakistan!!!

Even if we believe, Islam plays an effective role in creating a bond in our society then questions comes in mind, which sect or sub sect represents true Islam?

Secondly, when we look at the question of nationalities, if a Sindhi, Baloch, Punjabi or Pashtun promotes his/her culture and language under the umbrella of Pakistan, it is considered an act leading to the destabilization of federation of Pakistan. Same is the case if provinces ask for autonomy under the umbrella of federation is despised as an act that may result in weak federation. However, 1940s resolution’s essence is about autonomy for federating units.

Thirdly, India is considered enemy number one, everything under the sun happens in Pakistan is blamed on India. Rs 700 billion defense budget out of overall revenue collection of Rs 1,900 billion is planned in the name of Indian threat. Proxy religious monster Jihadis are supported in the name of Indian threat. Quest for strategic depth and interference in Afghanistan is in the name of Indian threat.

Fourthly, Pakistani middle class believes that democracy is not for illiterate Pakistan; they can’t understand and protect our needs and military rule is only answer. However, every time we had military rule, it shook very foundation of federation.

Lastly, we spend Rs 39 billion on education and Rs 27 billion on healthcare and expect to have sane and healthy society.

It is imperative for us to address the question of nationalities, create an identity beyond religion and it has to be based on broader concept that may amalgamate all ethnic groups and religious minorities. Paranoid with Indian threat not going to get us out of the mess.

We need to take charge, debate and find way out and solve unanswered questions before it’s too late.

Blaming is like ostrich syndrome and failed societies do that & they fail, die and disappear.