Monday, September 13, 2010

Revolution Calling!! Civilian Govt Fails & Army Wins!!!!

Don’t you see the way military is taking care of flood victims & carrying out rescue operation? Where is civilian government? They have failed, we are doomed without army. Please call army, we need revolution, these civilians are corrupt and their voters are illiterate.

These voices are echoed mainly by Urdu media and so called educated middle class living in Karachi & Lahore.

First & foremost these so called educated people forget that military is nothing more than a department that reports to Ministry of Defense, that falls under civilian government!!!

Secondly, as tax payers we allocate 20% of our tax collection to army, taking care of over half million armed personnel. It is their job to be available to civilian government any time, be it peace or war, they have to follow orders. I agree they are carrying out their responsibilities professionally.

During recent flood in China or anywhere else, whenever military is called to rescue as per the instructions of the government, no one eulogizes them because its military’s job. As professional I am required to carry out my job, if i do it, I am paid for that, nothing to glorify.

Another interesting debate is going on in the media regarding revolution calling & demanding military rule against feudal. An interesting article published by Dr Aisha Siddiqa “the author of MILITARY INC” titled Green Revolution, she argues that feudal “The concept, as defined by Karl Marx, refers to a particular mode of production in which capital and labour are concentrated in a single hand. Over the past 63 years, concentration of land in the hands of the few has reduced substantially. Akbar Zaidi’s research, which shows substantial reduction of large land holdings and the largest province, in any case, does not have huge tracts of land”.

She further explains that feudalism is an attitude that is prevalent in both rural as well as in urban society “Many people not only acquire land but also the behavior and mindset representative of feudalism. Marx never explained the politico-cultural dimension of feudalism which signifies contempt for ordinary people and the tendency to impose one will on the rest by use of force. This mindset is found among the urban elite and the middle class as well. Private jails in Karachi, target killing of opponents and psychological coercion of the educated into submission to a central leadership is a behavior not confined to just one part of Pakistan”.

She rightly points out that educated middle class killed many people than notorious feudal “After all, it was an educated segment of Pakistan that killed thousands of Bengalis in 1970, the Baloch in 1973 and later and the Sindhis during the 1980s”.

She concludes “This is not a defence of feudalism or the landowning elite but an attempt to say that in their arrogance to impose their choices on ordinary folk and a bulk of this country, representatives of middle class could destroy more than they might build. It will help develop respect for people before we advocate change”.

We have already experienced Military action in East Pakistan & burning Balochistan is an example of immature handling . We have no choice but to respect people and their mandate, let the process continue. Instead of middle class adventure, we need to wait and vote people out.