Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fifa World Cup Craze in Karachi !!!

You may be wondering, these flag may be installed somewhere near soccer city in Africa !!!! These days it is common scene in old localities in Karachi, mainly in Baloch areas such as Lyari, Malir and Gadap Town. Soccer craze is at its peak, kids wearing t shirts, flags all across the town, painted flags on the wall and large screens . Every discussion starts with football and ends with football.

Truly football loving communities, passionate and real aficionado !!!!

South Africa You Rock!!!!

It has been less than 20 years post apartheid, South Africa hosted world class Rugby and Cricket events and impressed everyone.

Few months back everyone was talking about the construction delays; security issues however the opening ceremony and amazing venues stunned all.

They spent 8.4 Rand in construction and up gradation of existing venue; it has not only improved the infrastructure but also overall image of South Africa.

Soccer world cup will have deep rooted positive effects on South Africa both commercially and socially.

I can not stop saying “South Africa You Rock”!!!!

Diego Maradona & Two Watches!!!

You may wonder how strange it may sound if one gets to know about a person wearing two watches. It is none other than but soccer legend Maradona!!!

Let me share the reason why he does so!! It is believed that Maradona wears two watches whenever he travels, one set to local time and one set to the time back in Argentina ‘lol’.

Another interesting thing I came to know about football legend, he has a special toilet seat installed in his hotel toilet. He doesn’t only spend on two watches, but he also uses beads to offer pray for fair match.

His scruffy beards changed his looks, always impatient even outside the ground; let us see what comes in next game!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flotilla Massacre, Israel, Pakistan & Balochistan!!!!

Flotilla massacre is one of the sad and ugly displays of Israeli military power. Role of Pakistani civil society & media has been lauded and one of the media personnel “Mr Talat Hussein” happened to be on Flotilla was eulogized.

Whenever I see media and civil society’s hue and cry for far away events, i get into deep thoughts, i wonder what makes these people sleep in the case of Balochistan or killings of religious minorities in Pakistan!!!!

Lately I came across an interesting article published by Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy titled “Reflections on the Flotilla Massacre”.

Dr Pervez writes;

Let’s face the truth: Israeli crimes are extremely serious but they pale in front of those committed almost daily by religious extremists in Pakistan.
– Israel murdered nine peace activists of the Mavi Marmara, but just hours earlier jihadists had killed over ninety Ahmadis peacefully praying in a mosque in Lahore.
– Israel starves Gaza, but the Taliban have imposed an even more brutal blockade of Shias in Parachinar and Kurram. Israel does not amputate the limbs of its enemies or decapitate them, but the Taliban do.
– Israel has destroyed schools for Palestinians in Gaza, but the Taliban have blown up nearly a thousand schools.
– Of course, it is not just the religious extremists but also our state - the Pakistani state and army - that is guilty of atrocities.
– Israeli forces have never been accused of mass rape, but the Bengalis have never forgiven the Pakistani army for what it did in 1971.
– Israel is responsible for abductions and disappearances, but does anyone have an estimate for the number of “disappeared persons” in Baluchistan? One could go on. So instead of riding the high horse of moral purity, it is time for us Pakistanis to reflect upon the crimes of those from within us

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Karachi; 5th Worst City to Live in the World !!!!

Few years back, I was driving my way to office I came across huge congratulation hoardings on the Shahrah E Faisal " Congratulations to City Nazim “Mayor” Karachi for taking second slot in the best global mayor list". The moment I read, fragile infrastructure of city came in my mind, only 50 millimeter rain could create havoc, electrocution related deaths in rainy season, pollution, violence, street crimes, traffic and ugly unsafe billboards. I ignored congratulation message because of doubts in my mind.
Today, I came across Economist Intelligence Unit 2010 livability rating, it assesses the livability of 140 cities world wide. Karachi ranked 135 out of 140; the 5th worst city to live in the world.“The Economist Intelligence Unit’s livability rating quantifies the challenges that might be presented to an individual's lifestyle in 140 cities worldwide. Each city is assigned a score for over 30 qualitative and quantitative factors across five broad categories: Stability, Healthcare, Culture and environment, Education and Infrastructure".

At times I wonder, billions of rupees are spent on infrastructure development of Karachi, still status is no more than a global slum. It is easy to get answers, everyone can see level of short sightedness, poor quality of leadership, tunnel vision, ethnic tension, street crimes, sleepy civil society, lack of planning, and land grabbing. It seems it is a city run by robber barons and no one owns it!!!!!!

One may wonder why 5th place !!! the way things are going it is not far when Karachi would be ranked the top worst city.
Is there anything we can be proud of??? Except running intolerant jihad factories and nuclear weapons!!!!