Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Balochistan Package; Too Little Too Late!!!!!

 Enough is enough, I am going to go to mountains, apologize, hug them and say Big Sorry to our Baloch brothers “President Zardari” I am all for development, I have developed Balochistan, look around mega projects, there are only three sardars against the development “President Musharraf
The Balochistan is one of the regions with long history of struggle, pain, cry and blood. Finally we see yet another rhetoric 'time will tell' known as Aghaz e Huqooq e Balochistan “New Beginning for the Rights of Balochistan” has finally been presented in Parliament. As per the package, Army would be sent back to barracks, people believe that army treated everyone in colonial fashion, the way Israeli army treats Palestinian in West Bank and Gaza.
Under contraction Army Garrisons would be handed over to Frontier Constabulary, people believe that everyone knows the role of FC; lately bullets were sprayed on innocent men, women and children in Buleda. FC is one of the most hated forces in Balochistan is going to be stationed in Sui.
Government promised to conduct an inquiry on the killing of Nawab Bugti, well people reminds everyone that there is a long list starts with brutal and forceful invasion of the State of Kalat on 28th March 1948. It began with the humiliation of Khan Karim then killing of aged Nawab Noroze Khan to killing of over 5,000 innocent men, women and children during 70s, killing of Bugti and displacement of over 80,000 people. Ordinary people are skeptic and they believe, how would just one inquiry ‘we are not sure anyone acts on the findings’ heal over 60 years of pain and cry!!! As per package FC would report to Chief Minister, Baloch reminds us that everyone knows that Chief of Army Staff reports to Prime Minister but poor Bloody Civilian could easily be toppled by twenty to fifty men in Uniform. Package consists of constitutional, political and administrative clauses. It also talks about Political Autonomy but if one talks to people they do not want to hear the word Pakistan and their struggle is for the right of self rule. It also talks about transferring gas development surcharge from 1954 to 1990; people on the other hand want to have control over their resources instead of waiting for Islamabad’s transfer of few billions. To them its charity and they want the ownership. All political prisoners would be freed, people believe that State frorces have kidnapped hundreds and State denies that none is in the custody. Package says only people without serious charges will be freed, but people believe that every other person in custody has serious charges. People are skeptic, its need of the hour to trace back kidnapped/missing persons, if they were illegally detained, strong measures to be taken against the brutal forces. Scholarship for students announced but people want institutions not scholarships. 5,000 jobs announced, people don’t want jobs they ant to own the resources. There is extreme mistrust between State and Baloch, people think they are at war; whole issue is about the rights of resource ownership and it revolves around national and democratic question of Balochistan. People do not trust, they want UN intervention, a third credible party to ensure the rights of people. Lastly, I lament that no nationalist politician in Balochistan or in exile was consulted . Issue requires deeper understanding, to conclude, I would still say it is a good beginning to use it as confidence building measures but it is a long way to go!!!


Shani said...

Ya, agreed. We've to do too much for their rights. Lets hope for the best, Inshallah

Anonymous said...

O man, u go and study outside balochistan, u work outside balochistan and than rant all you want against the country claiming that "people do not want to hear about pakistan." If that is true then I am frankly quite amazed. Why so much angst, hatred and parochial thinking.

I live in country with 50 states and I love it because we have harmony and unity. Some states might be getting a little poorer economic deal, others might be a lot more liberal or conservative but we know that what unite us are greater, stonger and more important than what divide us; there is no unrest. That is why my country is the best in the world. I wish I could say the same about yours.

Unknown said...

Dear Imran,

With all due respect for Baluchistan, I would like to say that all the tribes of Baluchistan should make sure that Baluchistan becomes a super solid region.

I am from Lahore and I have never been to Baluchistan. All I did was reading about Baluchistan. I love Baluchistan and my heart cries for Baluchistan that WHY those people do not have the basic facilities of life? Why ,whoever comes in power do not serve Baluchistan? Why the feudals do not serve their areas? Why there is any movment of indipendence from Pakistan? Why man Why? I do agree that Baluchistan was not prefered by the Federal Govt but Unity of Public can do anything. all those sickhead ministers and powerful people in presedent and prime minister house can understand the fact of equality if we all shake their chairs up.

I have a dream that I become more and more resourceful that I build up a mega complex in Baluchistan where kids and every one, can play,study and get immidiate attention regarding health,food ect. I need the help of true Baluchi pepole so I can launch my project. All , I need people of my mind who want to build the right infrastructure for all the people no matter whos Baluchi, Sindhi, Punjabi or Pathan. We are all the same and being a true Pakistani. I can give my blood for Lahore same way I will feel proud to give my blood for Quetta. Long Live Baluchistan and Long Live Pakistan.
* I need help of Baluch

Dr. Qais said...