Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bhoja Air Crash & Chaotic Reaction

Tragic Bhoja Air crash perished 127 precious lives; it has hardly been one year to horrific Air Blue crash in Islamabad.

Lately there was tsunami, killing thousands in Japan and everyone talked about the patience and civilized behavior of Japanese people. If I look at Bhoja Air crash or any other tragedy in Pakistan, our response is poor and chaotic.

Japan’s mainland security force played pivotal role in disaster management, we did not see single relief goods truck carrying such slogans “Relief Goods; A Gift for Japanese People from Mainland Security Force”.

Let us look at events aftermath of Bhoja Air tragedy;
  1. Media playing role of aviation expert
  2. Media showing wreckage and human bodies wrapped on the ground, showing insensitivity and  voyeurism
  3. Someone blaming Zardari other saying Nawaz gave initial NOC to Bhoja to operate
  4. Someone blaming Civil Aviation others blaming aging plane
  5. Rehman Malik believe there might had been foreign conspiracy
  6. Some are saying radar system did not direct well others are blaming weather
I recall during my stay in US, I took flight from Newark to North Carolina. Another plane took off at the same time and crashed. The other plane in New york landed in Hudson Bay. Aviation disasters happen all around the world.

Globally over 23 plane crashed last year and every year accidents occur. All over the world people do not come up with blame game and conspiracy theories rather investigate and wait for findings. Every time after investigation findings aviation industry learns and makes corrective measures instead of making hue and cry in a chaotic way. Nations behave, crowd makes hullabaloo.

It is high time for Pakistani media and public to learn from others and show some patience. Be it democracy , any disaster or an accident.


Saif said...

The incident was so sad and the reaction of the govt was even more sadder! :(

Marcus Hepburn said...

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