Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Appalling & Cheap Stunt at Commonwealth Games!!!

Name Pakistan has become synonymous with terrorism & barbarism, today word such as cheapness struck my mind. One may wonder why!!! It was none other but appalling and cheap stunt of Dr Muhammad Ali Shah “MQM MPA & Sind Sports Minister” at Commonwealth Games in India.

I wonder when we get rid of immaturity, be it an educated doctor or former dictator, all entertain us with their share of cheapness on daily basis.

I was shocked to read news in Daily Dawn, it says “For all those who missed the glittering opening ceremony of the Games yesterday, here is what happened: The Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) had decided over a month ago that Shujauddin Malik, the country’s gold medal winning weightlifter at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, would lead the Pakistan contingent during the ceremony. It was an honour well deserved for a man who not only won gold but also scripted his name in the record books for his 2006 effort. But as the ceremony started yesterday and teams strode into the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium one by one, the Pakistani contingent despite receiving the most rousing reception out of all the participating nations, experienced a moment of great embarrassment. It wasn’t Malik who was seen carrying the flag and leading out the contingent but instead, it was Dr Shah – despite TV screens around the world displaying the name ‘Shujauddin Malik’. Fine, one thought. ‘maybe Malik wasn’t feeling up to it.’ But only moments later when people saw Dr Shah pushing aside Malik as cameras rolled, it was clear what the actual deal was”.

It was shocking for us when weightlifting team manager Rashid Mehmood came on air and revealed that Shah had told Malik that it was the chef-de-mission’s right to lead the contingent as he was the ‘senior’ most out of all the personnel. Malik also came on air moments later and made another shocking revelation. He claimed, Shah after a tussle over the flag minutes before the opening ceremony, had threatened to send the weightlifter home if he did not respect Shah’s decision.

Our literate lot has made our country a joke all around the world, a laughing stock, be it educated military or educated corrupt bureaucracy.

I wonder how many incidents haunt us before sanity prevails in the land of pure !!!!

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